The Muse

The Muse

We’ve all heard the message that in order to be a great artist, we must suffer. That the creative muse is a fickle thing, showing up at awkward times and vanishing when she is most needed.

This evening, I had an interesting dinner conversation with friends about this. One of them is giving a talk next week on creativity and spirituality. As he observed, when we are out of touch with ourselves and our nature, we are disconnected from our genius. Creation is a struggle, just like all other areas of life.

Back on Genius Without, I spoke about a talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on genius and creativity. She observed that instead of a person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius. That a muse expresses through us rather than it coming from us or a me.

I’ve spoken of this in my own process, how stuff just arises and flows out. How else would I write 11 articles in one day? (laughs) When we open ourselves to who we are, the flow of life within, the creative spark lights up and we become a vessel for our muse.

All of life arises in consciousness so naturally connecting with pure consciousness, we find the font of creation, the source of all creativity.

And I’m not just speaking flowery words here. This is quite literal.

We could say our muse or God or the light shines through us. When we can learn to be present to who we are and allow, our genius awakens. Our purpose is alive. Our passion flows. We are alive, we are life, feeding and nourished by itself.

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