Waking the Child

Waking the Child

I was thinking about the awakening process and realized there was another idea that may be useful in understanding the process.

In the journey, much of the construct of “person” falls away as it is seen and released. The dramas, illusions, attachments and holdings. As we get into the sub-conscious values of mind, we begin to disassemble the core identity, that which separates us from the world.

When these sub-conscious dynamics are revealed, we find they can be very primal. Emotional, child-like. We find our inner child*.

If you’ve been on a heart-based journey, you may have been aware of your inner child for awhile.

One side of that inner child is the drama. The needs and wants and cravings. The terrible twos. The fear resistances. The deeper aspects of those things that fall away.

The other aspect of that child is the innocence. The open expression of our being. The primal clarity, under the noise we’re clearing.

It is in accepting our inner child that we can see the barriers we have to fullness and begin to embrace our deepest nature. It is through the child that we may find our grounding, our comfort with our humanity, and our reliability. Our purpose and passion are expressed through our child.

If you find your life lacks meaning, where is your inner child? When did you last say hello? When did you last love who you are, as you are?

It is only in acceptance that we find reality. It is in allowing we find peace. It is in enlivening we find happiness.

Your passion is a light for the world. Your child holds the candle.

*This is not about Transactional Analysis. I am simply describing a way to understand an experiential process.

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  1. Davidya

    mmm – yeah. I activated my story earlier on. Depends on life experience and when the buttons first start to get enlivened.

    You may find that as you clear that stuff enough, you’ll find earlier triggers that started the story but it didn’t play until later. That’s not uncommon. A lot of people I know were activated by something in the 8-11 age range. That often was a stage set by earlier stuff too. I was quite surprised to have a whole bunch of early childhood memories suddenly return when I popped the resistance to the period.

    It’s quite profound when you get to the bottom of the holding and let go of the node. That part of the illusion collapses and it actually changes your history.

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