Musings on Passion

Musings on Passion

In feedback I’ve gotten from friends, on Without Meaning, and on the Secrets of Success series, it’s apparent many people have trouble catching passion.

I’d like to explore this a little from my own struggle. I don’t have answers but may be a able to shed a bit of light. This is not written to give you Excuses for not acting. But instead to understand what resistance may be present that you need to work through to light your fire. To awaken your inner tiger or dragon.

Didn’t know you had a fire breathing animal in your belly? So many fun surprises. While the third chakra has a reputation for being the home of the ego control drivers like will and force, when it’s transmuted spiritually, it is the fire in the belly, the passion of angels, the sword of fire.

I spoke about Purpose during the Secrets of Success series, with links to some related articles. Many of you may know the Sanskrit term, dharma.

If so, you will also know that the world is not living to dharma these days. To a large part, purpose has been forgotten. We are instead run by or surrounded by greed, craving, and other base drivers. Thus, the world offers us little example to live by and most of us must struggle to even understand the point of our existence. Correct spiritual understanding has been lost for generations and the dream of the world has drifted into nightmare.

Given this circumstance, there’s little wonder why people are unclear on purpose and how they might apply it. But many people have begun to stir from this dream. Have begun to wake up to who they are and why they’re here.

Even when purpose is clear, how does one apply passion in a world so out of sync with truth? How does one find meaning in a world of pain?

There are a number of reasons why our true passion may not seem to drive us. In no particular order:

1 – the cycles of time. Quite simply, we’ve been in a dark cycle and are now blessedly coming out of it. Within that, you may find cyclic influences in your own life such as Saturn, prone to mute that energy.

2 –  even though we may be waking to our passion, those nagging obligations from the past may interfere with expression. We have some karma from pre-purpose that still must be engaged. May relate to #1.

3 – we may still have some illusions around the nature of purpose, such as expectations or an idea of the one right answer. This is the mind, not life speaking.

4 – we fail to cultivate support, so our support network is not up to speed. Didn’t your mother tell you to always say thank you?  😉

5 – we’re being wishy washy, waiting for someone else’s passion. Without engaging, where do you expect the passion will come from? Passion, like everything else, comes from within. In many ways, it is a choice.

6 – As we become more conscious, we’ll also become aware of our resistances to our passion. Our conditioning, messages we may have gotten discouraging that energy, the mask of the story or “should” roles, and so forth. How many of us have been hammered when our passion first showed as children?

6 – As we move down the spiritual path, many of the old drivers that arise from ego thinking begin to fall away. At first, it may seem like our purpose and passion go with them. But soon, the dust clears and they are found to remain, now without some of the stain of a me.

7 – another aspect of the journey is to begin to see the world as an illusion. How can we find passion for a world build of falsehoods? There can be a stage of meaninglessness, as I spoke of in Without Meaning. The trick is not to get caught there or make that the story of “what’s real”. This is a phase in the falling away, not the truth of reality.

Wholeness is the deeper truth. And wholeness is inclusive, even of the illusion, the pain and the suffering. Nothing is without. And then nothing is a barrier to passion.

All of this is simply about time and process. We are awakening to our true nature, purpose and passion but it takes time for everything to fall into sync and ramp up. But it has begun. Never underestimate the power of a good beginning.

Coincidentally, the film Fierce Light opens today in Canada. “When Spirit Meets Action.” Fierce Light refers to Spiritual Activism, Soul Force, Love in Action. I expect to be in the theatre in a couple of hours watching it. Always a good sign when this process begins to show evidence within the dream.(laughs)

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  2. Uzma

    Thank you . So essentially one has to let all limitations slowly fall away. If there is difficulty is finding the passion, the reason is some blockage in thinking, some internal expectation, or fear. Again, I suppose, one has to sit with it. Explore and let it dissolve.
    For now, am going to let things be, focus on the moment and on awareness. Let passion fall into place.

    Only the need to take action comes back to me. Well, I suppose action is necessary to learn also.

    Lets see how this goes.


  3. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    Well – one has to let limitations fall away. It may not be slow although we may need patience.

    The reasons for not feeling passion are listed, but I think #5 is important to note. I’m not so sure passion is something you “let” in quite the same way. It is something you feel and engage.

    From your description, what is the “need” to take action? Is it an emotional should? Or is it your passion, seeking to be seen?

    I don’t have “answers” here as it’s something I’m exploring myself. I have a couple more articles in the works on the subject…

  4. Uzma

    That makes sense. For me the search is for the passion that automatically moves me to action. I have things i love to do,like writing. However i seem to never take action in that direction,even doubting it..will look forward to your next posts.

  5. Davidya

    Interesting. Automatic implies determinism.
    It’s like we have to be open to and allow our passion to be felt.
    Then we have have to choose to engage it. We let it move us, as I’ve discussed in other recent posts. But it won;t move us if we don’t engage, shake hands with it.

    It is curious though.
    I have found some things I thought I loved that turned out to be driven by other things, like stories of recognition. When that need falls away, interest in the former passion can too. Although it may then rise again after the dust settles, from the deeper place, without the needs clouding it.

    As exercises in finding your passion often illustrate, it can be an experimental process to find what it really is. Some can be ego driven, some muddled with need, some a mask for the deeper passion and some the true passion.

    Thanks for the discussion

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