Quiet Passion

Quiet Passion

When we read material like Sera Beaks, we may get the impression that passion is an overt act, something we express in a large way. We may point to certain cultures as examples of greater passion. Or to some activities like music or dance.

But what of writing or painting? They can equally be a passion. A book can touch us just like flamenco or a lover. Really, it depends on the mode of expression. Some modes are more dramatic, some more subtle. But passion may still be the driver.

Passion is something felt. Being moved from within. The inner volcano that drives the tiger of power in our belly.  Sometimes, I’m deeply moved by what flows out in writing.

Remember – it is attachment to emotions, resistance to experience that is the root of suffering, not the emotions themselves. Emotions are what drives life into expression.

Passion is the fire of love, love coming into form. Without passion, the world would go silent and dark. We would cease to be.

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