Velcrow’s Calling

Velcrow’s Calling

Or I could say, Ripping Purpose. Fierce Velcrow. There are lots of playful ways I could describe a workshop with filmmaker Velcrow Ripper. He’s the guy behind the films Scared Sacred and Fierce Light.

The workshop was focused on blending activism and spirituality, of enlivening spirit with passion or deepening passion with spirit. He spoke of the importance of blending insight and compassion, the cool and the warm. How the ultimate bravery is not being afraid of our complete selves.

I’ve spoken before about our calling or gift. How we may not see what we have to offer because it is so close to us. We live it but we may try not to, try to resist it, or be unaware of it. For myself, I was seeking clarity on returning to writing long form.

We used a series of exercises to explore who we are, what has meaning for us, and how we can mobilize our passion. He recommended some of the exercises on Joanna Macy’s site on deep ecology.

I’ve also spoken on here before about The Muse and on Sera Beak’s passionate Redvolution. Sera was in the film.

Let’s have fun and do good.

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