What is Compassion Without Passion?

What is Compassion Without Passion?

There is a tendency in many spiritual circles to focus on the positive. See the light and give no attention to the dark side. After all, what you give your attention to grows. Beware the Dark Side, Luke!

The only problem with this approach is that it ignores the subconscious holding. What we’re giving an astonishing amount of energy to. We’re resisting our “dark side”, our lower energies, our inner animal, unintentionally feeding it with fear.

By not healing and allowing the expression of our presence in the world, you see the jokes about the spiritual being weak, broke and sick. These are classic signs we have unhealed lower energy.

Another is missing passion. Passion is fully expressed when the divine heart can flow down into life.

Without that, you see issues of meaninglessness. Ungroundedness. Disengagement. While these can be normal steps on the journey for some people, we also need to recognize they are signs of the need for healing.

The film Fierce Light speaks of how we need to blend Activism with Spirituality. This will heal both activists and the spiritual. Sera Beak speaks of passion.

Another way this expresses is in some spiritual traditions. They have taken sensuality to be anti-spiritual. Rather than seeing that it’s attachment that’s the issue, not sensuality, the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater. The joy of physicality is lost.

Now certainly, if it’s a deeply embedded attachment, we may need to disengage it for a time to help heal. But denial has the reverse effect.

The trick is in understanding terms like Brahmacharya. This has long been thought to mean celibacy. But in fact it means moderation. Moderation is the key. Denial and restriction are just another extreme from excess.

We have not truly seen the light until we have embraced our shadows. Only then can wholeness dawn, inclusive of all aspects of our being.

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  1. Debby Ford has a good program called “The Shadow Effect” which steps you through working with the shadow. It balances the attention and acceptance on the shadow and sheds light on projection.

    Great for those who are just beginning to wake up, as well as for those of us who have focused on the light, at the cost of burying ‘the shadow.’

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