The Journey, part 1 of 3

The Journey, part 1 of 3

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We certainly live in remarkable times. As the talk has shifted from a coming or dawning age to the age being here, there has been a huge surge in awakenings. I know a lot of people are still saying its coming, but the better of those are saying the change is underway. It’s now.

If you’ve read this blog much, you know that I refer to 3 mayas or illusions, the individual, the universe, and God’s. I have also referred to the three values of ego, the 3 am-egos.
The 3 wakings are breifly described here.

Adyashanti and Loch Kelly had a remarkable conversation, discussing what takes place after first awakening on the way to Unity or Oneness. The DVD is called “Journey After Awakening“. Certainly not everyone will mirror that process or relate to the terminology, but its very useful to have that understanding of the process. Without that, many people struggle with what one author calls “the deliverance”, a period of adapting to a new state of being. There can be a struggle when the ego tries to reassert but if the process is understood, the drama can be minimized. Just be aware to be loose with the concepts as reality is never how we conceive it and ideas can be a barrier to being.

Without that, waking can be quite challenging. The story of Suzanne Segal is a case in point. She literally fought the experience for years, preventing her from enjoying the benefits and holding her in emptiness. Curious, given her background. But of course, the idea or understanding of something is never the same as being it.

It’s also worth reminding the reader that enlightenment is not a goal, it is a process. It does have certain key points, but like graduating from school, there was a process to get there and a further process to apply the studies. When one “arrives”, we discover the path was not “to” enlightenment but rather just begins there, just as life may seem to begin once we finish school.

Adyashanti refers to a “honeymoon” people sometimes have before the internal debate begins. But that debate or deliverance is not necessary. Not everyone has it. It rather depends on how much work you’ve done towards clearing prior to awakening. If you still carry the baggage, there is more likely to be some work to do to clear the “ego shrapnel”. Only now the trash is more conscious and we find we can’t play the same mind games on our self for long.

So there is a period of awakening, then a period of establishing. A kind of time of being awake, but not quite awake. Some value awake, some value wakening. At some point, in a few days or a few years, we will move fully into the awakening and become Buddha, residing in silence and bliss whatever the outside storm.

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