The Journey, close

The Journey, close

This series illustrates the illusion of being able to tell if someone is awake by their behavior or lives. I’ve seen several spiritual groups lose large numbers of students because the leader made a “mistake” which is not supposed to be possible if they were “really” awake. This simply reveals a judgment and a lack of understanding about the process. Some expectation of super-human. Awakening is part of a natural process. What remains of challenges to face after awakening has nothing to do with awareness. If we know what to look for, we will find some words that hint of the remaining me the speaker is working with.

We can see that concepts and beliefs can remain even after full enlightenment. And certainly karma. The body and life are not changed by awakening. At least not in overt ways that may be apparent. What changes is within. Eventually, that changes everything. But that change is a process. Without that, there could be no guidance, no teaching. The teacher would have no ability to relate to the student.

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