The Journey, part 2

The Journey, part 2

As we become established in Self realization, the next stage is God Consciousness.

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This second waking is essentially a process. It is a process of the clearing of the heart and the opening of the divine. There is a refinement of perception and a deepening into the silence. The process often begins long before waking and will continue long after. There is always more to refine when it’s infinite.

The refinement is often what brings us the “spiritual experiences”, the perceptual stuff, the visions, angels, all that. This can be quite illuminating but it can also be a trap. We can get caught up in the wonder of it or gain some ideas about our ultimate knowledge.

Please note that if you can perceive it, it’s not ultimate anything. Also that everything you perceive is through the lens of you. If you are inclined, you will experience God but the form will be “personalized”, seen with your own unique perspective. See past the form into what the experience offers. If you are disinclined, God will be the “impersonal”, the unmanifest.

Adyashanti describes the absorption of the Heart by Self. There is a big opening, a beautiful allowing and willingness to just be OK with all of it. There can be a sense of the heart breaking, but it is the shell that breaks, opening the undefended heart. This is the beginning of true Love and compassion. Of feeling values greater than the small me.

Ultimately, we can experience the suffering of all beings, all at the same time, held in the ocean of love.

This process allows us to see divinity in everything, thus building a bridge between the inner Self and the outer Self. The bridge to Unity.

Of course a whole book could be written on any of these posts. The mechanism of refinement, what may be revealed, new abilities, and so forth. But imagine being able to directly perceive the finest values of existence, when creation first begins. To see the Unified field in action.

After a certain level of clearing, the Self moves forward to absorb the “gut” as Adyashanti put it. The divine continues the decent into the world. The core identify, long sitting sub-conscious becomes conscious. This is the core of what Tolle calls the “pain body”, the driver of the drama and the ego. It is a root fear that has been holding our story. Once seen, it can be released.

This process Loch Kelly called the BBQ , when these core drivers are seen and cleared. In the process, the sense of person or “I” dissolves. There is no longer a “Fred” or whatever name you go by. We also notice there is no longer an “inside” and “outside”. This is always a unique experience. Again, the experience can be quite short or take a little time, depending on the work that remains.

These days, there is a trend for some people to skip over completing this stage before they move into early Oneness. The process of God Consciousness instead completes after Unity. This tends to mean the Unity is less complete or even a bit “sloppy”.

This now leads us to a place where a new level of discourse is becoming required. The Journey after full awakening. After the 2nd realization or 3rd waking, depending on how you describe it. The dawning of Unity or Oneness.

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  9. Lorey

    The most beautiful Estcacy to experience Universal Love and the devotional phase. Agree that it can begin much earlier, as you state, before CC.

    GC and it’s fruits are quite an expansion and different than CC, but not a replacement another permanent state altogether.

    Jai Guru Dev. 🙂

  10. I came to frame God Realization a little differently later. Basically as the final Unification of Unity when we become one with the Divine. This opens the door to Brahman.

    In this context Realization means recognizing oneself as.

    This had not unfolded at the time of this article.

    Some don’t have a GC phase until after Unity or even Brahman shifts.

    I also later distinguished the stages of refinement from the stages in consciousness, Sattva and Atman.

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