Layers of Witness

Layers of Witness

There is only one witness, one observer, one ‘person’.

“The witness doesn’t just witness the person, it witnesses all persons as there is only one person. The cosmic person.” “It just has to be seen as it is.” — L&L

Obviously, there is a number of degrees of clarity. How ‘big’ and inclusive the observer seems to be. This hinges on the degree of the sense of ‘me’. The level of individual identity held. The grip that prevents us from seeing the larger picture.

In the lower states of consciousness or perspective, there is no sense of observer, nor even a me. The me develops as a way to ‘step out’ of the whole. We see this in a babies effort to become a person.

The person or sense of identity develops until it feels completely unique.

As clarity develops, we can notice an observer, separate from the sense of identity. In other words, its seen relative to a person, as if another person or a deeper me. We usually have to consciously choose to notice it.

As this deepens and develops through clearing baggage and experiencing source, the sense of separate observer becomes stronger. Eventually, it becomes a background to our lives, a relatively unchanging silent backdrop. This may or may not be noticed as it often grows slowly and naturally. This leaves little contrast to notice it. Many people have this without realizing it’s not what others may experience.

If there is enough clarity, it may become clear that “I am That”, I am this separate observer. There is as if a sense of 2 “me’s” or 2 values of me – the surface me and the inner one.

At some point, there is a switch from being the person noticing the observer to being the observer noticing the person. This may come first as a ‘soul’ awakening where there is a deeper realization of being the deeper Self. But in true awakening, we are no longer the person but simply the observer of the person, a witness to all of life’s activities. There is a deep sense of detachment from all experience.

From that platform, the silence begins to move forward into the experience. The observer gradual reunites with wholeness. I’ve spoken of this process a number of times here. The bits and beliefs of the ego sense fall away, the crust on the heart crumbles, and then the core identity falls.

With the loss of identity, there is then a period of clearing it’s corollaries, the identity version of ego shrapnel. But that which divides has fallen away, so the subtle values of ‘other’ all collapse. All divisions of person, time, and space dissolve into Oneness.

And thus, the truth begins to dawn. The real reality is seen. And we are that.

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