The Fear of Unity

The Fear of Unity

I’ve spoken before about what is typically the last barrier to Unity – a deep fear arising in the deep past from the experience of separation from the divine. In his conversation with Adyashanti, Loch Kelly referred to this as the “BBQ”. This typically becomes conscious in the final approach. Some describe this last fear as the fear of death but it varies some by how it’s experienced personally. At it’s core, it was our response to the division in what was once whole in the vast cycles of time. What we experience as “inside” and “outside” has not always been the experience. In some way’s it may be what the story of Adam and Eve’s “eviction” from the Garden of Eden is about.

Similarly, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi once spoke of how the relative field of life fears the absolute and the absolute fears the relative. This is because the absolute fears being disturbed by relative change and the relative fears its dissolution in absolute stillness.

Of course, both of these fears are personal and relate to our stage of development and originate from an incomplete picture.

In the approach to awakening, the individual ‘me’ fears its dissolution in Self Realization and absolute being. However, what changes is not really the me, just the vantage point – who we perceive ourselves to be. Even if there is a sense of ego death, it is just the identification with ego that ends. The function remains.

After Self Realization, for some there can be a fear of engaging too much in activity and disturbing the silent, boundless peace. Yet it is that combination of peace and activity that grounds and stabilizes the shift.

And finally, in the approach to Unity, there can be again that resistance from the core fear of loss. And yet in the end, the absolute and relative are brought together as one thing that never was divided and never had anything to fear in each other. It was only ever perception.

In the end, it is not Unity we fear but fear that keeps us from Unity.

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