The Journey, part 3

The Journey, part 3

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As with the rest of human development, this stage is a process. Unity itself is a realization. A seeing through. A discovery that even creation itself, the dream of God is but a mirage. Without Identity (see Pt 2) or world, reality is finally seen.

And after that discovery, a process. As a very awake friend recently observed, what takes place after full Enlightenment or Unity is the winding down or dissolution of the personal universe, the illusion of a separate space.

Just as with first waking, there is a moving out of the ego, so too is there a process after Unity of the dissolution of person. We awaken from the unreality of all expression but it can take some time to see through each of the habits of being.

What remains is the formless God. Silence, alertness, and liveliness or aliveness. A fullness of emptiness. Totality. Beyond even existence.

We could say the process is of winding down what has been. Seeing through all aspects of the illusion we have carried through in habits of mind. Some call this karma and indeed any residual karmic obligations will show in a sense of me and any sense of me will be reflected in actions to process. The me is the holding and the holding is that which creates the karmic loops as I have described elsewhere.

In part 1, I mentioned Suzanne’s story. If you scroll down to her Part 4, you’ll see her dawning of Unity. And finally touching bliss. As they observe, she did not complete the process in the body. But as they don’t mention, it is likely she completed it afterward. No longer limited by the issues her physical faced, she would become the vastness with ease.

At a certain point, this dissolution process will complete and we will find ourselves in the fullness of fullness, the One will be all one. Well, at least more so. We will still find the aspects of One that are That, but remain unaware of that, the me’s who remain.

Another surprising aspect is the return of the ‘I’. While the personal I passes, it is to make room for the cosmic, the unlimited I that is the I of all things. Over time in this process, all things become cosmic, even the body. Or rather, all things become seen to be the cosmic they always were.

This is relative to the collapse of the ‘trinity’ described in many ways. The observer and observed become one, as do the Father and Son, Shiva and Shakti. I hesitate to use other terminology as it is so often misused.

I thought perhaps as long as there is this element of action expressing in the physical, as long as we have some form there will be some me. But there is examples of expression without a me. Personality can remain without a me to drive it, expression can remain without a story.

When the karma of the body is complete, this is when it would normally die. If we are fully awake though, we may then have a choice to stick around and help others complete the process. Or to move on.

The life of Brahm or time of the universe (about 15.5 trillion years) would end when enough personal universes dissolve. In the same way, Gods dream, creation will end when all Universes are completed. As we are a long way from both, the universe and creation will continue. Only now we see them as they are.

A further point is that the journey does not end there. Some describe higher “states” but there can be no more “states” when there is unity. But there can be progress, more opening, more integration. The ability to descibre those values of experience become increasingly challenging.

Of course, this little summary is only the beginning of what will become a new science of life as those that make the Journey document it, compare notes, and illuminate the writings of the past.

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