Emptiness – friend or foe

Emptiness – friend or foe

In a recent Nirmala newsletter, he asks the question “What is it about emptiness that makes us want to move away from it?”

“Is emptiness really a bad sensation? When you consider the literal meaning of emptiness, how can it be a problem? Is it possible for “nothing” to hurt you? And with the inner sense of emptiness, is that empty feeling actually uncomfortable, or is the restlessness and activity of trying to avoid it or distract ourselves that which is uncomfortable?”

He goes on to explore this, with exercises.

“It is the most surprising and liberating discovery to find that everything that really matters in life, such as peace, joy, strength, power, clarity, value or worth, support, nourishment, and love, can be found within you-and not just when you are lucky enough to be already experiencing them fully, but also when it seems like they are absent and have never been there. Once you have discovered them in the sense of lack and incompleteness many times, then it becomes possible to just relax and know they are always there, no matter what the present moment feels like.”

The full aritcle is in Nirmala’s free Articles section at:

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