Perception without Perception

Perception without Perception

After first awakening there is typically a gradual process of unfolding while the Self moves forward, absorbing mind, heart, and gut. One has switched from being a person experiencing silence to being the silent observer, experiencing the person. As the perception refines and the heart opens, the “bridge” to Unity or Oneness is formed. One finds the observer in the observed, like you are looking out at the world and finding only yourself. When this is fully seen, the sense of division between inside and outside falls away and it all becomes one, contained within oneSelf.

Before this, the attention has been as if trapped in the mind. Mind creates the sense of duality, of subject and object, observer and observed, self and other. Everything we experience is seen as opposites – good and bad, right and wrong, bright or dull, and so forth. This originates in the intellect. Thus it is the nature of the mind, even if it has been expanded to infinity. As long as there is a sense of me there, of self and other, there is duality. Everything is as we are.

But as we step past that into Oneness, the separation of observer and observed falls away. What remains is simply the process of experience, of perception.  The flow of awareness within Itself.

But it is a very curious thing the mind cannot grasp. How can there be an experience without an object of experience? Without a person to perceive? Surprisingly, there is nothing else. Subject and object are a construct of the mind. Outside of that is the home of all experience, of pure experience itself. Experience without form, in and of itself, is the deepest, richest nothing. And the nothing is everything.  It is pure love, pure bliss. Everything arises from That and is That.

It cannot be explained. Just beyond the mind, before absolute silence, is a field of lively silence. Of awareness moving within Itself. This is the deeper secret of what is. It is the truth of what it is, what everything is. Everything we experience is That, in itself. Any other idea of it is a mistake of the mind, making itself other.

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