On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 2

On the Origin of Experience and Form, Part 2

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At it’s most basic, reality is simply silence. It is unexpressed, so has no qualities. Thus it cannot be described. Over the centuries, people have used words to represent this, like Brahman, Tao, the Silence that passeth understanding, emptiness, and so forth. For many, it is simply a blank spot. Meditators describe periods of pure awareness without content.

Within that silence are 2 unexpressed ‘principles’. The first is alertness, the second is liveliness. When the alertness becomes alert to itself, the liveliness is stirred and awareness begins to flow.

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I appreciate that this is very abstract. Indeed, there is nothing more abstract. But we’re not talking about a concept here. This is a description of what is, beyond mind. When you awaken enough to see this for yourself, only then can you fully grasp it. It is not about concepts or even experience – what is there to experience? It is not about belief or understanding. It is about simple being. We can be that as we are that.

This movement of awareness within itself creates a dynamic that leads to all further expression. There is the subject or experiencer, the process of experience or perception, and the object of experience. This is the seed of duality, of subject and object.

There are 2 ways to experience this – in duality and in unity. Prior to unity, subject and object are distinct. The object is “other”. With Unity, they are one and the same. I am That. The process of experience is a flow of awareness to itself, within itself.

Everything, at all scales has this dynamic. The process of observation creates what might be called bubbles of self-referent self-awareness. Wherever awareness falls, this process is. It is within these “bubbles” that all expression takes place. They are the fundamental model of everything. They are found at every scale of expression, from sub-atomic particles to entire creations that include many universes – not alternate but separate universes with unique sets of laws. Each time you give something attention, such a ‘bubble’ is formed. Note that this dynamic is not fully apparent until you have transcended all of creation. As some have observed, within our expression we sit in the center of the scale, between galaxies and atoms.

There are several aspects to this that are key to our experience of the universe. Firstly, everything is expressed through that flow of awareness. We tend to understand the world through our senses, inference, and memory. We place the world “out there” and the senses as our doorway to that. In fact, consciousness flows out into the world interacting with Itself in the object of perception, then flows back to us as the senses of perception. Put another way, the senses are a feedback loop. The world of perception is formed by the flow of consciousness in itself.

Space is formed by the separation of observer and observed, time by the flow of observation. Time is simply now. We measure it in changes to what is now.

We tend to think of time as linear. The idea is, as humans, we started prehistorically, become bushmen, then farmers, then workers. But time moves like all growth patterns in a spiral cycle. Values or levels of awareness rise and fall like tides over vast periods of time.

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