What is Flow?

What is Flow?

flOw by Manuel Sagra
flOw by Manuel Sagra

This came up in a discussion and I thought it worth sharing.

Flow is the movement of primary qualities of nature through the physiology. We could say the movement of consciousness with qualities. When our identification with being a separate individual softens and lets go, nature can move through us. We’re much less in the way of the universal flows of life.

This may begin prior to awakening or well after. It depends on when we’re clear enough through the lower koshas for these qualities to flow.

This process has been called the liberation of the laws of nature that make up our physiology. They become free to act much more fully. (Awakening of the devas is a different topic.)

Then we’ll find universal qualities like love, power, and action move through us automatically, as needed. We become vehicles of experience and expression.

Or more accurately, we get out of the way of being the vehicles we’ve always been.

As these principles first wake up, they can move through us with surges of energy, graceful movements and mudras, spontaneous asana, and openings of all sorts. Flow differs from purification, although it can come with it.

It may feel like a relief but not a resolution, a release but after an opening.

We’ll notice new areas of life where we’re supported. Life goes more smoothly, inspiration comes easily, desires are fulfilled, and happiness is normal.

We’ll also find that distinct areas of our life and physiology have different degrees of clarity. There will be smooth flow in some areas and shadow remaining in others.

We’ll still have bumpy spots. But even there, the support will be enhanced. Tough experiences will still arise, but we’ll be able to move through them more easily and not be as caught.

All of life becomes easy fulfilment. Or as Yoga might put it, steady pleasantness*.


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  1. Jeff

    The more active I am, the greater the flow. When I lift weights, I feel my body become enlivened, and bliss flows through my body as the blood starts to flow. When I take afternoon walks, I feel both dynamism and silence and my body becomes light. I become very light on the feet.

    When I meditate outside, the sounds of nature generates flavored bliss from the sounds of nature.

    When I do the flying sutra in a group, I can feel the impulse to hop from other people around me. Occasionally, I can feel waves of bliss being generated and flowing through the group.

    1. Hi Jeff
      Yes, when we act naturally and in sync with nature, it flows through us on the various levels. We feel the impulses in and around us and recognize the flow in others and nature.

  2. In his book An Idealist View of Life, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan describes allowing the flow:

    “The individual works in the cosmic process no longer as an obscure and limited ego, but as the centre of the divine or universal consciousness embracing and transforming into harmony all individual manifestations. It is to live in the world with one’s inward being profoundly modified. The soul takes possession of itself and cannot be shaken from its tranquility by the attractions and attacks of the world.”

  3. Jim Gail

    I just wanted to thank you for the blog and this post was especially sweet for me. So many good areas have been present for so many years that have, just in the past year, exploded to new and more fulfilling heights. It has always been felt as “not me” but not known by me as that. So clear to read your post and finally feel the release of letting the Flow happen, noticing it happen, and reveling in the bliss that is benefitting this me but is universal in its essence. Very grateful for your clarity and the joy you bring to evolution.

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