Love Me Tender by Delphine Devos
Love Me Tender by Delphine Devos

Memory is a very curious thing. For example, there is a perspective in which everything that’s ever happened has been recorded. There is another perspective where nothing has ever happened. And another where everything we experience has arisen from cosmic memory. It exists because it’s remembered.

More personally, we have short and long-term memory. Emotional importance sets the priority for remembering in our sea of experiences. What we had for breakfast yesterday has little import vs the strange look we got from a co-worker. And of course, we often have narratives about our emotions that get tied in, true or not.

We store our memory “in the field.” It’s not found in the brain, but we use the brain to “read” the field. This is something like a radio is used to tune into specific frequencies. However, our experiences change the brain. In time, that can reduce access to less used memories as the synaptic (brain connection) patterns change.

This effect is most obvious around age 4, where there is significant synaptic pruning of less-used pathways to help speed up processing. As a result, most of us have few memories before this.

As we settle deeper into our more universal nature, we may remember prior lifetimes, recall the sequence of others around us, and tap into a greater field.

An interesting one is remembering things we didn’t personally experience. Other’s memories, so to speak. Typically, we’d most easily access memories related to us, like the memories of those around us.

Others may remember things very differently. For example, a friend and I knew each other in a prior life. When we compared notes, we discovered we’d experienced our time together quite differently: one as a blessing, the other as a loss.

Memory is far greater than most of us realize. The entire pattern of time and space and all lifetimes live in universal memory.

Of course, our priority is to live the life we have in front of us. But it is fascinating what can sometimes arise.

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  1. Jean

    I’ve seen a recent interview with one of the original remote viewers from project star gate.
    I am not sure if you are familiar with it. He spoke of one project where a company developed a device and they did run into a roadblock. They asked his team to remote view into the future to find a solution. They did this and described the device in some point in the future where the device worked and this helped them to overcome the roadblock. This seem to correlate to “everything is already created”.

    1. Hi Jean
      I’ve heard of it but know little. Yes, there is an experience where we recognize everything has already happened and another where it’s all simultaneous in the now. However, this doesn’t mean everything is fixed, just the overall design. The Yoga Vasishtha explores some of the implications, such as when he meets a being that has lived through 10 cycles of creation. Vasishtha had come to visit him most cycles but not every cycle. There are so many layers to unpack there… (laughs)

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