Purest Divinity

Purest Divinity

First, lets explore what I mean by pure Divinity here. This is beyond form, beyond vibration, beyond silent being, beyond consciousness, and beyond Brahman.

It is Divinity in its purity, unconstrained and uncreated.

We can consider our experience of consciousness for comparison. We can explore the layers and dynamics of consciousness and consciousness aware of itself globally and at every point. But pure consciousness is just that: consciousness, quietly alert in its own nature. Pure Divinity is similar but deeper – beyond all forms and phenomena yet bathing everything in its presence.

How we come to know it is by being it. But as we know through this structure (body-mind), it unfolds in similar layers. The local body reflects the cosmic body reflects the Divine “body.” There is a correspondence between the chakras in our energy structure and the stages of unfolding pure Divinity.

I recently talked about the first 4 stages of the unfolding of the 7. I then touched on the third element.

I find it interesting I’m being shown the process ahead of where I am. And that I’m called to talk about this while it’s unfolding rather than later sharing what I’ve learned. Divinity is moving to get this out there.

A few things have become clear. The labels I used in earlier descriptions can be updated a bit. As always, direct knowing is better than ideas of it.

It looks like a pattern of alertness, intelligence, liveliness, love, liveliness, intelligence, and alertness (from the top or bottom) that will unfold in the 7 stages of ParaBrahman I’ve been describing.

1 and 3, alertness and liveliness, make consciousness (atman) and thus express the masculine side. Yet even the tendency for the silence to become alert and to become lively is feminine. Without them is only sleep. Shiva sleeps without Shakti.

2 and 4 are fields of Divine intelligence – the first as the networked Shaktis, the second as the space of Love. Again, the feminine.

In Power and Glory, I mentioned “There is a relationship between the space in the Divine heart and the space of consciousness but I’ve not fully groked it yet.”

It becomes clear now it’s a blend of the Shaktis (2) and Love (4) within the context of the space of consciousness (1 & 3). 6 should inform this more thoroughly. Clearly, creation reflects the structure of Divinity.

We’ll see how 5-7 actually unfolds. As the liveliness of 3 was power, the liveliness of 5 will have a similar nature but should be related to vibration and communication. This seems to be what’s unfolding. 6 should show as another space.

It’s also becoming clear that there is a deeper, purer Divinity coming through these layers, especially in the feminine points. This suggests I’ll be altering what I mean by “pure Divinity” in time. Pure Divinity expressing as the body of Divinity?

Does this suggest another stage after ParaBrahman? More likely just moving into the wholeness of it.

During the recent cleanse, the tide changed. Instead of continuing up into the 5th, it descended from the top, filling the crown chakra then down through and into the heart. This process didn’t have the distinctive qualities of lower centers. It became clear the prior process was related to Shakti(s) embodiment whereas the new process was higher level.

This is akin to the earlier Kundalini Shakti rise followed by a later descent. As in that case, sometimes the higher descends to meet the lower. I don’t know how typical this process is or if it’s a local variation among many possibilities. We’ll see if the earlier process goes further later.

 Update 2:
During a recent retreat just after the cleanse, the original process resumed. The process at the 5th has caused the awakening of a new cosmic law of nature that seems more directly related to what is unfolding here. I’ve written about such awakening previously, such as here.

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  1. Michael


    Quote:”Divinity is moving to get this out there.”

    …..yes, she answers my call! 😉 😀

    What do you think happens after the 7th level of parabrahman has been integrated?

  2. Jim

    Right, and thank you very much.

    You have done an excellent job of laying out the foundational dynamics leading to action through Divinity. Once you broadly defined stage 5 as related to the power of 3, and added this, “…the liveliness of 5 will have a similar nature but should be related to vibration and communication”, it sets a clear context for me of these stages, how you are seeing them, and their manifestation.

    With stage 5 comes the ability to apprehend and modify energy, regardless of the circumstances of time and space, and in accordance with Divine law. Stage 5, like Missouri, is “the show me state”. 🙂

    As the ability grows towards full embodiment [of Divinity], this is a piece which allows us to use more power in the cosmic body than we have had access to previously.

    Through the progressive values of Unity, Brahman, and Divinity, the adherence in the personal form to surrender and discipline becomes so strong that one can be trusted with enormous responsibilities, and engage the full spectrum of life to have a great quiet influence, with unmistakable correlated effects in the material world.

    Just as a note on perspective: There is nothing in the endeavors of humanity that is considered beyond scope. Not to sound megalomaniacal though, as there is only the desire to bring these efforts to bear as needed, and that comes up very innocently, again through Divine law.

    1. Guess I opened that door, eh? (laughs)

      Lorne discovered some small refinements in Samyama that are much more potent, especially for those in Unity+.

      He’s been trying it with a few people for a few years and taught me last week. It’s being offered this summer during a retreat.

      Samyama comes from book 3 of the Yoga Sutra. I may write an article about this later.

  3. Jim

    I also wasn’t sure whether you wanted to say more. Glad you did. 🙂

    It sounds similar to what I have been looking at and dealing with for awhile, energetic activity based on a deeper view of whatever the attention is on. Both characteristics and dynamics, so that intimate interaction can be had with any object of attention, regardless of time, scope, and space.

    You had mentioned a further ‘qualification’ on this, mainly Stage 4 the fullness of the Divine Heart. Yes, absolutely essential, and what supports the intelligence, discrimination, surrender, and discipline needed to behave fluently and in full accordance with Divine law.

    Can you say anything about the scope, experience and/or objective of these refinements?


    1. Hi Jim
      It’s in the Samyama itself. How the attention is used. Thus, it evokes the laws themselves rather than just “flavours.” More in the direction of waking up the cosmic that I spoke of in the close of the Dosha post.

        1. Hi Lorey
          Samyama is experiential, like meditation, so should be taught properly. You can, for example, go into any spiritual bookstore and find numerous translations of the Yoga Sutra. And you have Yoga Studios all over. But few understand actual yoga or the samyama this makes possible. As the old saying goes, knowledge in books remains in books.

          That said, I do plan to write about it in a broader way. The first step is yoga as without samadhi, there is no samyama. This is why I recommend an effortless mediation. Fastest way to yoga for most people.

          1. Lorey Hobbs

            Thanks for your reply. I think I have already been practicing samyama for quite some time, but I will look forward to your writing as you always go so much deeper into things. I understand what you are saying about samadhi as samyama works on more subtle levels than the relative.

            Regarding Yoga Studios: from my experience, they do not understand this and are only interested in asanas as are others in the classes.

            A little background: I did study yoga at the University for two years as credited classes that I was drawn to after my first spontaneous wakening in 2004, and I am familiar with the yoga sutras of Patanjli and have continued to refer and re-read them since that time.

            Perhaps we could have a chat sometime after you return from your spring cleansing and adjustment. Cheers!

          2. Don salmon

            thanks for that note on samyama. I remember reading Swami Vivekananda many years ago on samyama, evoking what to me seemed to be a “seeing” into the very heart of the process of universal manifestation, whereas so many other writers seem to equate it with some kind of superficial process of intellectual reflection!

            Great point.

            1. Yes, Don. At essence, when silence (samadhi) is established enough to not be disturbed, you can have thoughts in that silence. The silence remains. Then you can have intentions in that silence. That’s samyama.
              This is essentially the same way the world becomes. Others I’ve mentioned here use this for healing.

  4. Jim

    Hi David,

    Thank you for the additional detail. Yes, precisely what is needed to become a true and direct servant of the Divine; access to the laws themselves. This is what I meant by the *dynamics* and characteristics in my earlier response.

    It also takes the form of an individuated nature, just as you have spoken of earlier in terms of personalization of the Celestial (how we may differently perceive angelic forms, for example).

    Though this is a dynamic interaction, vs. simply a deeper look. That is the new realm of possibilities we are now open to. There is no unknown. A new veil parted.

    Personally the unfolding began as a visit by a particular energy – I saw them as sky blue angels, initially. Applicable to any situation as an effective peaceful influence, no matter the time, space or scope.

    I then entered into an innocent relationship with them, and at some point, my perspective unified any and all energy perceived, along with the the entirety of the vibrant laws of nature associated with such perception.

    Quite simple really, just another layer revealed, and each is far more interesting and fun than the previous one.

    Unlike your friend Lorne, I would have no clue how to teach this to anyone else, except indirectly; the darshan. I am glad he is here to do so. Quite a nice confirmation, through your writing. 🙂

    1. Hi Jim
      To be clear, there’s having experiences of and interacting with various laws of nature and such. This has been going on here for decades.

      The distinction here is using the formulae of the Yoga Sutra to invoke cosmic laws directly. We can say it’s not on the level of our experience, like you might chat with a neighbour. It’s waking them up to experience their cosmic nature. It’s on the level of their experience. Waking up devas instead of people. (laughs)

      Of course, there’s several levels of this. I’ve talked about waking up the body which is itself run by laws of nature, for example. As you mention, other layers revealed…

      At some point I’m sure to have more to say on the topic.

      And yes I agree. Teaching is an art in itself. Not to mention managing the politics of students…

  5. Null

    “it looks like a pattern of alertness, intelligence, liveliness, love, liveliness, intelligence, and alertness (from the top or bottom) that will unfold in the 7 stages of ParaBrahman I’ve been describing.”
    I see these beautiful pattern are the Essence of each big chakras also the maha gayatri (the lokas), from top to bottom, but not as a ladder more like layers, like the connection between lower and higher 1-7, 2-6, 5-3 and 4. Layers with The core is 4, the grace/love. The fullness, unity between up and down triangles in the center/core. Just like The experience of ramana maharsi, from top back to the heart (heart of the heart) . Again, thank you so much davidya. Wonderful.

    1. Hi Null
      This relates to a prior observation of a 1 into 3 into 7 process where the upper 3 chakras are mirrored by the lower 3, universal and local, with the heart as a fulcrum in the middle. The heart is also the place where there’s a more direct connection to the Divine that intersects the thread coming down into the top of the head.
      Yes, the lokas, although those are essentially nested spaces. Some are equivalent to a kosha or layer and some are more like a space within a space. The loka heavens for example, don’t go above the 5th kosha.
      And yes, the heart is central in a number of ways. We can say love unites the personal and the cosmic, the individual and the universal.

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