Eva’s Healing

Eva’s Healing

Eva Muller had a cancellation and gifted me a sample healing after the first interview.

She opens things up and does a general cleanup first. She cleared some regret and anger related to things happening that I didn’t want. The medical journey, for example. While I came to terms with it quickly, there was still some residual left from before that. She also worked on one of the remaining side effects of treatment. She said it would take a month or so to clear up but I’m noticing it getting better already. Whew!

I added her to my Recommended list as a result.

In their latest podcast, Eva does a healing on Gareth. It’s a good example of her style during a healing. She talks about what she’s doing and what comes up during. The sessions are recorded for later review and further healing, too.

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Eva offers free weekly group sessions via Zoom, and 2 other group sessions weekly. These include group “Channeled*” healing and group Activation of the Spiritual Being. Private sessions are currently not offered as she’s already booked for a long time.

Later, she uploads the above sessions on YouTube, so you can explore samples.

“For normal spiritual seekers, the group sessions are perfect for healing and clearing the system. From all the sessions I have done in the past, I learned that on the core level, where I work, every system is the same, so it is very easy to work with groups.” “For people who are in stages before refined Unity, the group sessions are perfect!” -Eva


*Channeled in the sense of the energies coming through her, not in the sense of being taken over by an entity.

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  1. George Robinson

    Thank you, D, for introducing Eva. Just watched the Feb 1 session and I’m a fan. I’ve found a new resonance. Lots coming out these days, but I use you as a filter. Hope that’s OK.

    1. Hi George
      Glad you’ve found someone with resonance. And sure, I share who & what I’ve found valuable for you. If you find something that works for you, great.

      Of course, it’s up to each persons discrimination. And I’ve had a few recommendations that changed directions and ceased being. Life is an adventure!

  2. Olli

    Eva’s channelled healing group sessions have been very helpful for me. A big blockage about self-sabotaging that’s been there for years but wouldn’t ever budge was spontaneously dropped after a recent session.
    She’s very efficient when dealing with emotional baggage and negative thought patterns. Definitely helpful at this point of my journey.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Olli. I’ve found the same. She has a really clear intuitive connection too. Love how she describes what she’s working on and what comes up in the process. That offers understanding and verification of whats coming up within.

  3. Giovanni Ghirardi

    Oh great! After your interview with them I tried their video transmissions, they instantly put me in an effortless meditation without the need for a particular technique or a body posture.

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