Our Potential

Our Potential

Brahman by monchoohcnom
Brahman by monchoohcnom

I continue to be surprised by how expansive human potential is. We can be embodied knowers of reality, each with our own specialty.

This is how the universe comes to know itself, through the direct experience of the experiencers.

I say “embodied knowers” because we have to be it to know it well. And by “be it,” I mean recognize we’ve always been it. This is the nature of the stages of enlightenment and the unfolding recognition of the way the world works.

This is not a call to use concepts to make a story about our true nature. Instead, go deep within to discover it yourself. While we are immersed in reality, it’s much easier to recognize true nature by transcending the appearance of the world and coming back to the basics, back to pure being.

As I’m visual, I use seeing words. However, readers here may orient themselves to feeling or sound more. These are actually more subtle senses than seeing.

Sight is associated with the 3rd chakra (fire element), as is the mind. So seers often find it easier to find words. If you favour more subtle senses, you may not find words as easily and yet you’re closer to the source.

Senses are structured in consciousness but only go so far. True knowing is being. Thus, the key is not the content of the experience but what is experiencing, the Self. Finding the Self, we can discover the nature of all things, including ourselves. This is key for Self Realization and Unity stages, too.

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  1. Stephen

    Hi David,

    That’s interesting. I always thought the visual element into the subtle was controlled by the opening of the third eye.

    But I have noticed when energy is concentrated at the abdomen or at the end of the sushumna, it tends to make the crown tingly.

    1. Hi Stephen
      That’s an over-simplification. Keep in mind that the world has layers. The physical eyes are attuned to the physical and some etheric (if developed), the third eye is for some of the middle stuff, and then consciousness itself has the quality of senses built in. The last has the widest range and no organs are required. Clairvoyance is yet another subtle seeing, energetically.

      The crown has correspondences with all the other chakras. We tend to perceive these less though. Tingly usually means purifying or coming online.

    1. Hi Giovanni
      Yes, all of those know themselves globally. But to experience all the perspectives and details, ts necessary to go into the points, into a point of experience, to experience in specific ways.

      Thus, the world is expressed and myriad beings arise to experience the details. The combination of global and detailed is the fulfillment of creation and totality of knowing.

      Of course, the Divine exists prior to time. So for the Divine, it’s already happened. But for the points, we unfold experience over time so all the details can be known.

  2. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David for your ability to present the vision of All Possibilities and steps to be taken.
    We all have our abilities to hone to become Awakened, or at least proceed on the path to Awakening. We all have our place in Reality and our pace to become Realized.
    I proceed the best I can with what I find along my pathless path to help and assist me. You, my dear David are one of those found items of assistance.
    I honor you in your ability to connect so easily with those who need help in moving forward (to move within). Thank you for helping me and I am sure in helping others.

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