The Dominant Sense

The Dominant Sense

One of the factors that influences how we experience our unfolding growth is our dominant sense. The distinctiveness of this will depend also on the degree of that dominance. We’re all something of a mix.

And this doesn’t guarantee how you’ll experience awakening. But there will be that tendency to process it that way. And the kind of teachers and approach you’ll favour.

I can recall someone describing one of the NLP models on this subject. If we’re visual, we look up when thinking. If it’s audio to the side, if touch we look down. You’ll also note word choice and metaphors will be sense related, like saying “can you see my point?” or “I don’t feel you’re understanding me.” or “Am I being heard?”

As a visual person, I’ve noticed that visual people are often more conceptual and more inclined to want models and maps. They get things more by being shown or seeing them and are probably the most likely to be in the head. They’re also more likely to develop clairvoyance first.

Audio people are more sound attuned and may talk of getting things by hearing, music, or “vibes.” (more heard than felt) Clairaudience tends to develop early, centered a little above and behind the ear.

Kinesthetic or touch people are more bodily aware and touch-centric. They’re more inclined to be health-conscious. They get “gut feelings” and clairsentience.

And of course, there are all the various blends of these themes. And there are probably a few people for whom taste or smell are dominant.

The most important thing to understand about this is not to expect spiritual experiences to come a certain way. And not to be disappointed if you’re not getting the visual flash of someone you know. In some ways, the kinesthetic path is superior. Easier embodiment, fewer distractions, and a deeply lived light. (oops – that’s visual)

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