karmic by lensnmatter
karmic by lensnmatter

I’ve noticed that as people get into energy healing, they can get a little obsessed with cleaning. They’re always looking for the slightest resistance, shadow, or dark entity to clear.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s better to just deal with what is coming up in our awareness unless we have a specific issue to deal with. What’s coming up is what’s ready to process (if we are).

There’s the old saying: what we put our attention on grows stronger. So if we’re obsessed with finding darkness, we can actually enhance it. We can also culture a fear of shadow.

Seek that subtle balance between discovery & letting go vs seeking it out.

Skilled energy healers have the advantage of having a 3rd party view of our energy and can thus see things we can’t. They may have better skills for healing, too. But again, if this is what they do for a living, they can constantly focus on shadow, like a police officer living in a world of crime.

We often need to culture patience with ourselves and the process. We’ve been collecting shadow for many lifetimes. Not to mention the baggage of our ancestors and the collective.

Again, transcending is very valuable. The subtle layers of being are beyond duality. They’re the home of light and peace. Darkness arises only in the surface layers of expression where polarities manifest. Stepping out of the field of polarities regularly can be very healing in itself.

As we awaken, we become grounded in being. We have a platform of light that can overshadow any darkness. When we feel darkness, we can shift under it, washing it away.

There will still be bits and pieces that need direct intervention, but most of those should be brief and occasional. When we’re grounded in light, there is little room for darkness.

It takes time to become grounded in being, in source, but the process itself is healing. Each step improves quality of life, so we don’t have to wait long for benefits.

Never see yourself as broken or fallen. We all stumble a bit, but a human nervous system is a wonderful opportunity to make good progress towards knowing our true nature.

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    1. Hi K
      Right, it’s more an ongoing approach to life, how to deal with what’s arising in our experience. Shifting from grasping and resistance to allowing. Then whats coming up for release can do so more unimpeded. We shift from collecting to dispersing. Quality of life improves.

  1. Harrison

    Great point about attending to the light – there might even be some message from that dark heaviness that just needs to be seen and included. The challenge I find is with that stuff that has a persistent quality that seems to resist unpacking or resting or dissolving in expanded awareness. Maybe with enough self compassion, letting go and some spiritual help it too will find its way home….

    1. Hi Harrison
      Persistence just means you have not gotten to the root yet. Some of the big stuff has layers around it. So we clear a few rounds of shadow before we get to it. And then there’s the dance of the willingness to experience it.

      We don’t have to re-experience the trauma but the unresolved energy does need to be processed in the experience. A lot of that just needs a moment. It will flow over us like a wave, then be done. The big stuff can be like putting down a load, that heaviness.

      So yes, as our acceptance level rises, it gets easier. At times, it can be useful to get help from a good energy healer. They have that third-party perspective that sees past our shadows. Plus better skills.

  2. Note that I’m visual, so prone to use visual words like “a platform of light”. For some, this will be a deep inner sense of being or peace, or a still place just beyond happiness. A still witness. It’s described in many ways. But its a place of good and oneness, beyond duality.

  3. Peter Goodman

    Thank you, for the insight. It is easy to get lost in the forest without the perspective of Consciousness. Thank you for your skill to communicate clearly from a deeper perspective of Consciousness; to those still awakening. Thank you for the blessing of helping others in need.

  4. Courtney Knight

    Sometimes with the deeper looking into ones self, there is a point we struggle to get past. Some subtle traumas become reactionary in the body even though our minds can recognize the reaction wasnt necessary. I assumed seeking an energy healer can help with these issues.

    1. Hi Courtney
      Right – the reason that’s still there is we were unable to complete the experience in the first place. There’s some resistance to it. Often, this is just because we were young and inexperienced so didn’t know how. But if we’re willing to see it as adults, we have the capacity.

      I’ve found that if it’s coming up in experience, it’s because we’re ready to process it. But our fear or other resistance may block that.

      An energy healer can be valuable for the big ones we can’t see but that are interfering with our lives. They may also help us get over the hump for a difficult one. But it’s very valuable to learn the basics of energy healing so we can process most of it ourselves. This also helps us shift more to allowing and letting go, key life lessons.

  5. Yes! I always remind clients that there is no need to go digging around with intention to declutter all the time. Life will show you what is ripe and ready to be held with love, grieved, integrated, released, embraced and fortified — you name it. It’s always different.

    There is an innate intelligence to the healing impulse, as there is with the enlightenment impulse.

    I’m so glad you write and share about the healing part of spiritual unfoldment. Thank you for that! It’s a part of the path of wholeness.

    1. Beautifully put, Sarah.
      And yes, such an important part of embodiment. The shifts in stages/ awakenings are just the first step. To embody that in the world and support the whole, we have to grow up and clean up too, as Ken Wilber put it. Shadows remain until we bring light to all the nooks and crannies of all the layers of our being. Given our long history, both past lives and ancestry, there can be a lot. 🙂

      1. Stephen

        What if we know we have a difficult upcoming astrological transition? It could be useful to clear the layers before the stars align and bring the trauma up. But that would require skills to predict.

        1. Hi Stephen
          Difficult is relative. For example, I’m coming out the other side of a health challenge. It required I pull back and focus on self-care. But the karma that was resolved is huge and the life thats coming out the other side is a big upgrade. Really, all it required was some patience while the process unfolded.

          Trying to fix something that’s not ripened is an exercise in futility. Same as resisting what’s ripe showing up.

          Karma also comes with a shadow so is hard to see. In a sense, it does this so we can have an innocent experience, without expectations. In my case, the health challenge was not predicted by the jyotish. Or the genetics.

          I would further add that the deeper we go into the awakening process, the less our astrology has bearing. We’re no longer the person that was born, no longer attached to certain outcomes, no longer seeking fulfillment in the field of change.

          If you see fear coming up like that, that’s what is ripe for release. 🙂

        1. Agreed, Sarah. It’s through experience that everything completes. That takes place in time, and in coordination with all other area experiencers. The intelligence behind it is massive, it’s all coordinated, and it’s all constantly being tweaked to adjust to how we respond to events.

          1. Yes! Life experience draws it out. Hey, no “shade” to those disappearing to a mountaintop post-awakening, but it’s in the trenches of a lived life that the individual — and us as a collective, as humanity itself — embody and evolve. My sense is that when our bodies (and this particular life) end, what gets unfinished here, gets picked up by other beings in the collective, in lives to come. At this point, karma feels shared, as well as individual, of course.

            1. Fully agree, Sarah. We don’t embody by hiding away.

              Right, the experience here is that karma is intertwined and stored collectively. It’s said that when the awake die, the good karma goes to those who love them, the bad to those who hate.

              Given that we’ve already roasted our backlog and just have the sprouted seeds to resolve, it seems there isn’t much left. But all that history and remaining ancestral stuff is still there…

  6. Sas

    Hi David,

    Could I check my understanding of physiology and clearing out past stuff with you? My understanding is:

    Pure sexual energy enters every body (maybe through the first chakra) and is then dispersed to every cell of the body via energy channels (Nadis). This rejuvenates and replenishes the body.

    Through the accumulation of unresolved past, habits and physical toxins, the nadis are obstructed and the energy can’t reach those areas with the same efficiency. This is what causes aging, stress and wear of bodily functions.

    For example, everyone unnaturally strains their eyes these days, so dark eye circles are widespread as tension obstructs the nadis of that region.

    Ayurveda and other spiritual practices aim to unblock and clear out the nadis to various degrees.

    I’d love to know how much of this is BS and how much truth there is to it! Many thanks.

    1. Hi Sas
      OK – first, it’s not just sexual energy, although that can be a way people first experience it in a more obvious way. That’s one of the ways it expresses through the 2nd chakra.

      Energy comes into the body multiple ways. As prana through breath, food, and the skin. The chakras support our embodiment, one for each level of our being. The energy there is the deeper shakti, which moves through the nadis. It comes in several ways too.

      It’s a little like plaque in blood vessels. Unresolved crud can build up in the nadis, restricting flow. I would say this accelerates aging, etc. but isn’t the only influence.

      Dark eye circles are more about lack of deep sleep. But yes, eye strain and mostly close looking cause the eyes to become stiff and less able to adjust from near to far. Obstructed nadis make it harder to heal.

      One of the things Ayurveda focuses on is indeed clearing out the ama, which can clog up both digestion and the nadis. This is closely related to inflammation as thats where the weak spots can begin. (blood vessels, nerve cells, and lymph channels run in unison to nadis.)

      It’s a big topic. But yes, there is a lot of over-simplification and even nonsense in the arena.

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