A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

Andrew and I first had a conversation with Dorothy Rowe last fall, then followed up with just the two of us in conversation on the stages of enlightenment. In December Andrew and I had a second conversation.

And now, we’ve had another wide-ranging discussion. The focus was primarily of the refinement of perception, healing, and the unfolding of the layers of Divinity (the topic of my 2nd dissertation).

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Other conversations we’ve had.

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  1. Anne

    Hi David.
    The video was superb. Exceptional. I never knew about the hierarchy of Divinity. You didn’t mention Angels in the hierachy are they not included?
    I was under the impression that they help human kind. Do they need permission to do this ?
    Well done on the new look. It suits you
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Anne
      There are many, many types of subtle beings. So yes, angels are included. I touched on them in the Georgette interview. (next post)
      I also summarized types here (very broadly – I don’t have much interest in detailed categorization as some have done over the millennia)
      And yes, they certainly help us in a myriad of ways. The point was Divine beings wouldn’t take us over a la channeling as that’s contrary to our growth. They support us but they also allow for free will. We learn from our mistakes. (laughs)
      Thanks. I’ll need a new wardrobe. 🙂

  2. Lynette

    Hi David, when you were describing layers of divinity, how were you able to know those? Did you experience then yourself or did you research them by interviewing people or books? Just curious. Also it’s great advice to be cautious of astral beings and channellers. Thank you for clarifying that the death is the death of identifying with the ego and not the death of ego. This makes more sense

    1. Hi Lynette
      It’s called refined perception. The subtle layers can unfold in our awareness and be accessed at any time. The way I frame them has evolved over the years with the experience.
      From teachers and books, I’ve found the language for it but this is from many sources.
      From supporting others, I’ve learned the common variations in the process.
      Yes, it can be experienced like an ego death. And thats perfectly valid. But you have to be careful with the identity then co-opting the process, leading to claims of personal perfection, etc.

    1. Yes, Lynette, I’ve written on the topic.
      Hawkins actually lifted the Sedona model which was validly designed to help you become more conscious of your emotional state. That does indeed have levels from very heavy emotions to higher, lighter ones.
      Hawkins made this into a model of consciousness and added numbers, then ranked others.
      For one, emotions are not a valid gauge of “level of consciousness”, just emotional state. Even the very enlightened have the full range available to them.
      Also, ranking others is tricky territory, made worse by Hawkins considering his ratings infallible, even when they were inconsistent.
      No doubt a smart man but I used him as an example of a cult in an old article as he had all the symptoms.
      Note further than levels of development are not the same as levels of creation. The first is our ability to appreciate reality, then second how reality becomes.

      1. Lynette

        Hi David, Thank you. Could you provide me the link that you’ve written about Dr. Hawkins, PHD. I do agree his kinesiology technique for different levels of consciousness can be tricky because some people rely on it and judgement can be eschewed. That’s very interesting you called it level of emotions. Didn’t perceive it that way, now you mentioned it you are right that it is emotions which are being ranked. Still interesting though, listening to him did help me grow for awhile. Thanks.

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