A Conversation with Georgette Star

A Conversation with Georgette Star

SummitIn mid-February, I had an hour’s conversation with Georgette Star for her Client Breakthrough Summit. That conversation was posted May 3 during the Summit.

I summarized the stages and offered a perspective of current world events and the core things needed for spiritual growth.

It’s remarkable to consider how much what is here has changed since that conversation.

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  1. Gary Gressett

    One of your clearest pictures of the evolutionary process to date in my opinion. A great pleasure to know that human and world evolution unfolds true divinity. Thank you.

    1. Hi Andrew
      Actually, in this case the opposite. Covid itself has been low key here. Some social, retreat, and meeting stuff moved online and some extra hoops to buy groceries. But otherwise, little of that has changed.
      It’s more inner changes coming to the surface. I’ve lost a lot of weight this year, am getting a PhD, and some other bits.

  2. Scott

    This was beautifully done. The remarks were very calming and provide insight into how to accept and support personal change and challenges as well as outward world changes.

    The video format was very powerful and provided an additional dimension as compared to your usual written remarks.

    Thank you for all your work, time and contributions. I find this to be so helpful.

  3. ruby

    Do you think the left’s shadow is surfacing as it’s traditional opposite…authoritarian control of what was previously thought must be free? Such as freedom of speech.

    1. Hi Ruby
      The surfacing doesn’t work quite on that level. Left and right are human concepts. How we respond to those concepts is what leads to grasping and resistance and thus to unresolved experiences that need to be surfaced.

      What’s taking place now is a more intense purification in the collective. Waves move through the collective every few days with different flavours of purifying. This often isn’t conscious but is felt and resisted by many. Some are responding to that with fear leading to more polarization and seeking more control. This is happening on both sides of the political spectrum. Those who feel stronger can also be more motivated whereas others are pulling back or feeling more dissipated. It becomes a complex soup of motivation and whats trying to surface.

      It’s a transitional phase, so the ideal is to move through it as smoothly as possible so there is less cleaning up to do later.

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