Perspectives on Awakening

Perspectives on Awakening

Dorothy Rowe organized an on-line conversation with Andrew Hewson and I on a range topics around awakening. This included chasing experiences and hallucinogenics, integration, consciousness, healing, and refinement. Dorothy is an energy healer who works from pure Being. Andrew is a Non-dual teacher with a strong heart emphasis.

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Andrew and I went on to have a series of related conversations.

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  1. Thank you. I believe this is much more powerful than first appears. This may create many openings for those ready to tip in, open into or integrate their learnings. I will stew in it for a while.

    Although not mentioned was the kundalini process I felt much was covered. I laughed when you mentioned the guna burn as I recalled my multiple skin rashes following intensive obviously overpowering meditations.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Ron
      Yes, when awakened people come together, it creates a wholeness greater than the sum.
      We touched briefly on many topics. Near the beginning, Dorothy brought up listing the characteristics of awakening which we didn’t directly address. But many qualities were touched on in the course of it.
      Yes, transformation can indeed increase heat. That can show up in many ways. Ayurveda describes ways to moderate that if it’s causing symptoms. Sometimes, just easing back on practices a bit is all it takes.
      I’ve not had to put yogurt on my head to cool things down but coconut oil has been my friend. 🙂
      (That’s actually where the tradition of putting sandalwood paste on the forehead comes from.)

  2. George

    Hi David
    Thanks for providing an opportunity to listen in. I was thinking that hallucinogens we’re not explored adequately.
    Of course it’s a big subject but they seemed to be written off pretty quickly. No mention of the recent studies with psylosibin and their anxiety reducing effect with people having a terminal illness. A spiritual path wouldn’t likely be a practical venture at that stage in the game. Who knows maybe these people will run into their next lives a thirst for the transcendent.

    1. Hi George
      The conversation was on awakening and the main point there is that hallucinogens can cause experiences but also cause energetic trauma and fog that are a hindrance to awakening. Experiences are not the path to source. Source is beyond experiences and fogging the vehicle is not conducive to awakening.
      Certainly there may be therapeutic uses but that wasn’t what the conversation was about.
      I would suggest an effortless meditation would usually be far more effective at reducing anxiety, with no side-effects. Not to mention the benefit of some understanding about death. Hallucinogens have become a popular topic of research again recently but that doesn’t make it the best therapy.
      A spiritual path is very much in play right into death itself. I’ve known people who have had major shifts on their death bed. A terminal illness is often a final karma, a completion. I’ve written prior articles on death and the importance of a conscious death where possible.
      A future thirst for the transcendent comes from a present experience of it. A future thirst for drugs as an escape comes from a present experience of it. Some inclinations are better to culture than others.
      Sorry but I’m not a fan. I’ve seen more damage than benefit.

  3. Tyler

    WOW. What a profound and insightful conversation This is by far the most impactful information I have ever heard. So much wisdom, and understanding from an experiential perspective. There are so many gems in this discussion and so many moments that impacted me deeply. I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


  4. Tyler

    That’s wonderful. I will definitely be sure them check them out. I am still unpacking all the tremendous insight from the first one, ha ha. What a true blessing these dialogs are. I greatly look forward to more and thank you for offering these. Listening to you on Batgap served as a catalyst for a tremendous shift in my life and I have no doubt that these conversations will be just as potent.

    Ever grateful


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