The Appearance of the Doers

The deeper you go, the less localized and more universal you get. For example, most experience their body, emotions, and thoughts as local and personal. But as you touch deeper into fine feelings, intuition, and bliss you find them more expansive and less personal. And yet, these more universal values may also feel more intimate as they’re closer to your true Self.

We can also look at this another way, through the elements. Earth is very specific, water has a little less distinctive edges, fire even more so. Each is less localized. Ditto the lower 3 chakras. But as you move to air and space, boundaries are perceived much less and we experience ourselves as in them rather than separate from them.

As our perception refines, we notice these subtler values much more directly. Soon we discover that life is plentiful in these layers too. Yet this life is not living in an earthly form with distinct boundaries like our body. They’re much less defined.

Just consider the mind for example. We create whole worlds in the dreaming mind that have no physical substance. In the same way, a life form on that level is more like a cloud than a defined object. And yet they can appear as they choose. Perhaps it’s useful if they appear to us in a way we can relate to, for example.

Further, our expectations (thought forms) can have an influence on how they appear. Some such beings are more influenced by expectations. Or they allow their appearance to be what the perceiver wishes. I call this personalization.

Just think of the appearance as like a set of virtual clothing.

It’s fine to personalize your experience of subtle beings but if we’re unaware of this dynamic, we can be misled by appearances. Appearances don’t tell us the nature of the being. This is also why it’s rather meaningless to debate what angels or other beings are supposed to look like. That’s like saying your dreams are supposed to look a certain way.

Most fascinating though is doership. Most people are living under the impression they are the doers. To sustain its sense of being in control, ego claims actions for itself, saying I did this, I was responsible, mine.

When we wake up to our nature as the Self, this identification falls away and we realize we are not the doer. We are the experiencer or observer, watching life unfold. Doing simply happens.

The question can then arise – what then is doing the doing? Where are my thoughts and emotions and experiences coming from?

The answer depends a great deal on refined perception. If it’s been unfolding already, we’ll have a sense of this. But if it’s not, it may take time for the devata value to become clear.

Another reason it can take time is karma. If we have a lot of unfolding dramas, the complexity of events can obscure the processes in play. But as we begin to wind down and simplify, the process gets much clearer.

In time we discover that everything happening around us is being guided. There are universal laws or principles that lead to erosion, the growth of plants, digestion, thoughts, music, and so forth. These principles are then applied through hierarchies of doers, coming right down to a very local focus. This bed of plants, this mind, that life. Thus we experience a plant flowering, thoughts happening here, an event happening there, and so forth.

The fascinating part is that these laws are not confined to any form as noted above. They can take whatever form is needed to express a result in a certain place and time. In other words, they may appear as an event rather than a being. As the jam falling awkwardly off your spoon, for example.

You’ll find you resonate with and emphasize certain laws of nature more than others. For example, we may have musical or mathematical abilities or have an affinity with the wilderness. Our challenges and our affinities lead to those areas of life we support the most.

As we become more conscious of these dynamics, the laws become perceived. This enlivens their abilities, and that enhances our support. As we become more awake, we help to awaken those laws we recognize.

The laws of nature express the process of experiencing. They evolve through experiencing so when we bring awake experiencing to their table, we help awaken them too.

As I’ve mentioned recently, the process of experience is the process of creation. As we awaken the process of experience through awake experiences, we also awaken creation, the forms of experience.

The awakening process isn’t about a person. It awakens everything.

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    Thanks David, so useful here.

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