Yoga Articles

Yoga Articles

Recently, I’ve been reviewing the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, as translated by Dr. Thomas Egenes. (see the Books tab) For your convenience, here are links to the articles.

True Yoga

The Enlightenment of Yoga

The Mind of Yoga

Yoga to Purify the Mind

The End of Suffering

Obstacle Illusions

Nothing Seen yet it Remains

5 Yamas

Ahimsa – Non-violence



Brahmacharya and Sex (moderation vs celibacy)

Non-Possession (non-attachment)

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The Samadhis of Patanjali

The Time of Yoga

Why Yogi’s Don’t Meditate (oops)

The Yogas or Paths (including Limbs)

Yoga and Meditation (the limbs 0f yoga in practice)

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