Nothing Seen yet it Remains

Nothing Seen yet it Remains

Although the seen has disappeared for one whose purpose is accomplished, still it is not destroyed because it is common to others.”  Yoga Sutra 2v22

In Unity, the seer and seen merge, leaving only the process of experience, the seeing.

In Brahman, nothing is happening or ever did. But it still seems to continue appearing to happen because it is common to others.

There is also the momentum of karma, as I discussed on The Shadow Drives. As long as there is a body, there is something driving action and world appearances. It takes time for the body to catch up to the lived experience.

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  2. Emily

    I find this fascinating. I wonder if there is a particular timeframe for the body to “catch up” and of those that followed practices that involved the body more (such as types of yoga) whether it would be quicker for them.

  3. Hi Emily
    It will vary by person and may not be very obvious. Essentially, there are 2 tracks. The development in consciousness/ Atman and the development in Sattva.

    Both are cumulative through lifetimes, so we pick up where we left off. But due to various karmic elements, there is other “noise” to process meanwhile.

    The first is expressed in stages of development and depth of awareness. The second is expressed in clarity of experience and the unfolding embodiment.

    But there is also the simple process of the layers of physiology (energetic and physical) adapting to the change. The energy can change quite quickly though may stir up “dust” to be processed. The physical follows more slowly and has it’s own momentum.

    So lots of factors. In our time, this is slower and few people are able to fully blossom within a lifetime. But that is changing.

    People who have practices like meditation and yoga do tend to find certain aspects much smoother. Speed is more a factor of prior development I’d suggest. But what a given person is best served by is not well understood yet.

    Thanks for the comment.

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