In our culture, we take a dim view of theft. Stealing from another is unjust but because many also identify with their possessions as an aspect of themselves, they feel violated and fearful as a result of theft.

Although there is other factors, most people are driven to steal through addiction or not having a place in the community. Disenfranchised, they are also easily exploited. But when you steal, energetically you steal from yourself. The typical karmic balance to theft is loss, so a thief will tend to feel less and less supported. But as is all too human, the tendency will be to blame others and circumstance rather than take responsibility. Responsibility is not so easy when you feel alone and desperate, when you’re in survival mode.

The Yoga Sutra describes the inverse: one of the Yamas or observances is non-theft.
2:37 When non-theft is established, all jewels (wealth) rise up.

This sheds an interesting light on many people’s struggles over money. Even if we’re not thieves, do we covet another’s life? Do we have an undue sense of entitlement? Do we spend what we don’t have? Do we try to get more than we give? These are all subtle forms of theft that will interfere with the flow of our support. Yet our society is rife with celebrity gossip, manipulative advertising, debt, and other examples of unconscious living. And ironically, this can be the largest barrier to fulfilling our desires.

This is the subtler dynamic many miss in ideas like the Law of Attraction. Aside from dreaming without doing, many will covet others success and discount them. This breaks non-possession and truthfulness Yamas as well, each with their own consequences.

This is not to say everyone will be Billionaires if they get it right. It means everyone will be able to fulfil their natural desires with ease. There will sufficiency, there will be enough.

This is best exemplified by the awake – when the attachment to possessions falls away with attachment to a me, then the old “theft” dynamics wind down and soon sufficiency dawns. Then what is needed just shows up, without stress. I cannot overemphasize how distinct this is from most peoples experience.

When we connect with our bliss body and infinite being, what will be there to covet when we are boundless and happy within?

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