Clearing Dark Beings

Clearing Dark Beings

As science has discovered, our bodies are made of trillions of cells, each their own life form. We also carry an even greater number of other life forms. Some of the second type are very beneficial, like those in our gut biome that help with digestion. Others are less so and the body has a defense system to keep them under control.

When the body falls out of balance, less desirable things like bacteria and viruses can get the upper hand and we experience being sick. To help clear the problem, the body will do things like raise its temperature, take energy away from digestion for restoring health (balance), and create inflammation.

There are similar sorts of things that take place at more subtle levels of being. There is a variety of life forms involved in supporting this life energetically and others that are more like parasites.  

While most of us learn as kids that dark beings are the stuff of bad dreams, some people do have major life lessons around this. Or they run into them when developing subtle perception. I get occasional contacts on the subject so I thought it worth making a few points.

It’s important not to feed this stuff with your attention. That’s the way to the dark side, Luke. The point of this article is to handle things if they arise.

As I mentioned in a recent post, issues with dark beings come out of imbalance. Most of them are beings who have lost their way. Rather than growing and contributing, they’ve gotten stuck in their own nightmare and try to find support to feed their bad dream.

It’s like having a friend who’s gotten themselves in a bad situation. If they’ve bought into it, they can be resistant to help. They may seek people who will support their drama instead.

As such beings live in the astral (dream) field, they can create whatever they like. But as they’re stuck in a bad dream, they try to find energy that supports that.

Like the workers in the animated movie Monsters Inc, they try to elicit darker emotions to collect that energy. Even in a dream, emotions like fear and anger can pack a lot of energy.

But all we have to do is recognize it is just a bad dream. And it’s not ours. Like any dream, we don’t need to believe in it. It is only an appearance, even if it shows up in waking state. We can take back our power and not buy into it. That may take a little practice if we’ve gotten caught up in it but it is more than possible.

Then, their effort consumes their energy so they lose interest in us. The clouds depart.

If we have access to higher values like love and bliss, these destroy dark dreams and shadow just as light removes shadow. They’ll avoid that like the plague.

It is an odd thing: choosing to maintain a bad dream rather than allow love. And yet this is the story of many humans too. We’re caught in prisons of mind and emotion because we don’t know better. We get used to that reality and then try to protect it, resisting change.

You may later find that, even when things are clear, you continue to discover embedded dark beings. They’re no longer getting “fed” much but because they’re dominated by inertia, they haven’t left. And they may still try to get your body to produce the energy they want. It’s straightforward to remove such pests once we’re aware of them.

Further, we all have a support team. As the support team is divine beings or taking divine direction, they’re there to watch our back. But they will never take our power or choice. They know we have to learn our lessons from experience so will not interfere unless its life threatening. But if we ask for their help, they will be there. It must be our choice.

Most of us have some big life lessons to learn. We can sometimes see them when we make bad choices, even when we know they’re bad. Like choosing an abusive partner, refusing to change destructive behavior, and so forth.

But if we can get clear on our inner dynamics over time, we can learn to resolve emotions and resistance internally. Then we don’t have to live them out as much. This is much easier after waking up as we’re less entangled then.  

We’re not the victim here. We would not have chosen these lessons if they where insurmountable. But we may have to work gradually towards a resolution. Just remember you’re never alone. Help is always there if you ask.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    Good and important article! (as it is usually not talked about)
    But they Play some part in everyones live (at least from time to time)

    I see it like that: they use us like batteries, living in our internal mud and trying to get us to be in reactionary states (fear, Anger etc.). Usually they leave when they do not get that Food anymore and the mud is cleared.

    They also leave when we look directly at them and say “i see you”. (because they want to remain hidden).


    1. Thanks, Michael
      It is tricky to talk about so I’m glad this approach arose. It had been coming up with contacts recently.

      Yes, they desire shadow. Seeing them brings light. Although not everyone is visually oriented – their attention can come by other means. Same effect.

  2. K

    I believe that sincere prayer to the divine will prevent infestation by the dark beings. Perhaps the dark beings can also get purified by being in the presence of prayer. Everyone needs a break (grace) – including the dark ones. One of the things I have puzzled about is that one of my relatives (mom) is totally consumed by negative states (anger to the point of rage, jealousy, negative story lines, distrust, cynicism). I wonder about the programming of her emotional software. I wonder if her psyche is infested? She does pray some everyday and goes to temples but still lapses into negative states. Slowly, awareness of time and energy wasted is dawning in her and it is sad to watch. This person caused a lot of havoc and abuse in my life when I was a child. As I am older now, I wonder about the things that compelled her negative emotions and consequent behavior and abuse.

    1. Hi K
      Yes, but I would suggest reduce rather than prevent. They’re basically part of the environment. The importance is balance.

      For sincere prayer, one oriented to surrender rather than control. Letting in the light rather than making conditions. The second is all too common in religeous communities.

      It’s a good sign she is waking up from it, but that can be rough. Making it conscious is the first step and may bring grief.

      But you have to be careful not to blame external things. We have choice what we feed. And while that becomes self-reinforcing, thats not an excuse. Even if we feel powerless against our urges and tendencies, we can seek help.

      Sometimes, shadow is there for karmic reasons. But that is also not an excuse – it is the consequences of past behaviour. The point of it is to learn but if it’s pushing against our resistance, we can shift into anger and darker emotions. Making ourselves the victim is an easy out but not one that leads to a happy place.

      Facing our shadow can be rough but if we’re going to become conscious beings, that’s part of who we are. We ain’t angels. 🙂

  3. Jim

    I agree about engaging such lower beings – they feed on the attention and the conflict.

    Also, when we are established in peace, this manifests on the astral as brilliant radiated light. None of the lower beings want to get anywhere near it.

    I am also uncomfortable when one’s shadow is spoken of as real. It isn’t. Although it is a vital process to discover who we are, there is no need to uncover some lack of balance, without resolving it, and gradually living a life unpolluted by the lower emotions.


    1. Hi Jim

      Yes, the light of consciousness and sattva.

      hmm – good point. Wording can be tricky. My point in the above comment was in recognizing we have a shadow as opposed to pretending we don’t. It’s one of those hazards in spiritual circles when people see themselves as beyond ego, pure, etc. That creates a blind spot and resistance, creating more shadow.

      But said shadow is nothing but absence of light. It has no reality. Yet if we pretend it’s not there, we can get caught by it.

      The paradox of seeing through the mind…

    2. Another way to put this – recognizing we have areas that are full of light and areas that could use more of it. We’re a work in progress.

      The process of shifting from a purely material being to a being of pure light.

  4. Jim

    You wrote, “…We’re a work in progress…”

    Funny, my wife remarked on similar recently. I was talking about something lofty, and she said, “yep, there are stairs all the way down, and all the way up, and we are always in the middle…”.


  5. Olli

    Hi! Good post.

    I haven’t yet quite refined my perceptions to the degree that I’d be really aware of astral beings and such, although I believe I’ve had a handful of nightly encounters with them in the past (not so much anymore). In such cases I would encounter a being in my dream and it would somehow attack me and as I would wake up, I’d still feel it trying to enter my physical body. Regaining awareness in the waking state would always drive it away. All that could be just my own imagination as well, but this is just how I’ve come to interpret those situations.

    As these astral aspects are still largely theoretical for me and not in my perception, there’s still some amount of fear regarding all that and maybe some unwillingness to ever even know more about it. It has to do with the fear of the unknown, losing control and privacy and other stuff as well.

    As I’m currently very consciously attempting to face all my negativity, traumas and fears I’ve also noticed that this fear of negative entities or beings is something that I have to face as well. Articles such as this help. As far as my spiritual interests go, I’m not really even that interested in all that stuff in the astral etc. I’m mainly seeking some sort of balanced understanding here on how this works, how to feel safe and how not to get lost in anything I don’t understand.

    Well, maybe following advice that I’ve heard Tom Campbell give applies here well, which in a nutshell is “Fear is the handle through which you can be controlled, if you don’t have any fear, you’re practically invincible.”


    1. Hi Olli
      The main point of the article, as mentioned, is for those for whom they’re conscious. It’s not talked about much so it’s good to know its a natural part of unfolding refined perception. It’s also more likely for someone visually oriented. It’s certainly not a necessary type of experience. Learning how to be with our emotions in healthy ways and learning how to let go is much more important. Take away the food and they move on.

      Your dreams were probably just that. As movies like Monsters, Inc played on, most of us have scary being fears. Childhood fears can arise as adults to resolve.

      Most people are not afraid of their gut biome. There’s no reason to fear any other sort of unseen beings. Our main concern should be with what we are experiencing as that’s why we’re here.

      But yeah, it’s good to recognize the fears that are arising so they can be seen and resolved. And by recognize I don’t mean analyze with the mind and try to figure out the source. Mind can’t heal emotions.

      The best way to feel safe is transcending. Touching into our deeper nature grounds us in what is eternal. Then even death is seen through. Who you are cannot be injured or destroyed.

      Further, it creates a kavatch or shield, like light burns through all darkness.

      So yes, I agree with the quote. The inverse is also true. If you’re invincible, you have nothing to fear. Be with the light and no darkness can touch you.

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