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Over the years on this blog I’ve talked about refined perception, the koshas or auras, and other aspects of our energetic nature. Recently I’ve been talking some about Rose Rosetree and chakra databanks. This is a new and more applied exploration.

I’ve been reading several of her books. In this article I’ll be talking about 2 of them: Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses and Read People Deeper.

Rose recommended I read Read People first but I’d already found Aura Reading at a local bookstore. But her advice was good. Read People Deeper is a better starting point.

Even better would be an in-person workshop of hers in the Washington DC area. These are experiential techniques and learning them with others is certainly superior. But if that’s not accessible, these books are the best resources I’ve found on the subject.

Both are what geeks would call “recipe books” – a little theory but mostly application. How-to’s. However, the two books differ greatly in their focus. Read People is more What, Aura Reading more How. And therein lies why Read People should come first.

Read People Deeper introduces you to 3 techniques: Body Language, Face Reading (physiognomy), and Aura Reading. Obviously, Aura Reading is the deepest but it can depend on the circumstance as to which is more suitable. The other techniques can also corroborate subtle perceptions and bring out other nuances. That certainly helps beginning aura readers. But I’ll be focusing mostly on auras in this article.

One of the most important ideas to move past for either book is that “reading auras” is about being able to see colours. Instead, it’s reading information via your subtle sense and intuitive modes. That may include colours but often doesn’t. While I’ve started seeing the databanks, that’s not how I’ve started reading them.

The book’s approach is to go over the simple techniques, then 3/4 of it is 50 things you can read with those techniques. 50 different databanks you can read and how to access them. In other words, lots of ways to try it out and develop your skills.

What surprised me was how very simple the databank reading technique was. With the right approach and a few tips, the key became what and where to ask. While you can certainly get lots of general information from an energy read, the detailed info is in specific chakra databanks. You need to address the right chakra with the right question to read a specific databank. Then it just pops in, however you usually gain intuitive information.

Now, some people might be a little weirded about reading someones “personal” information. But this is not about their banking, it’s about what they’re broadcasting all the time and we’re reading subconsciously. The shift here is making it more conscious and more skilled. Then we’re not relating in a sub-conscious reactive mode but rather a conscious perceptive one. When we understand why a person is behaving as they are, we can relate much more smoothly.

Of course, part of the fun is reading yourself. It can be quite insightful, even amusing. For example, I had once heard that my long earlobes meant virility. Rose tells me no, it’s stubbornness. (laughs) The book has 3 indexes, one for each technique. I still have many more of the databanks to try and am looking forward to the discoveries.

Aura Reading Through ALL Your Senses is more a toolkit book. Once you have the basics down, you can explore other more advanced (but easy) techniques that relate to your specific gifts. She quite literally includes 100 aura reading techniques to try.

She also goes into some background more. Rose outlines 11 senses in this book. In my usual way, I’ll organize them a little here to relate to them. They don’t categorize entirely well as some are hybrids, but it’s still a useful way to get a sense of it.

There are 3 general groups:
1 – The Clairs – the subtle versions of our usual 5 senses.
Clairvoyance (sight), Clairaudience (sound), Clairsentience (touch or feel), Clairgustance (taste), and Clairolfaction (smell). (Rose combines the last 2 as “Gustatory Giftedness”) She also lists Emotional Touch as a sense but its a kind of sense-empathy hybrid.

The first clair we develop is usually the same as our dominant sense simply because use is practice. Note that these are not distinct from our physical senses – just subtle versions of the same. The sensing mechanism is a little subtler as well.

2 – The Intuitives – these are the ways we gain knowledge other than the other skills. These are variations of the 6th sense. Rose mentions Analytical Awareness, Holistic Knowing, Truth Knowledge, Psychic Knowing

These are each very different styles of knowing and it’s beyond the scope of this article to define them. Details are in the book.

3 – The Empaths – these are gifts where we resonate with or can feel the kosha/field/aura of another. As they relate to Oneness, these are aspects of what I’d call the 7th sense. She names Physical and Emotional Empathy (and the related Emotional Touch). On her blog Rose also mentions “Emotional Oneness, Emotional Intuition, Physical Oneness, Physical Intuition, Animal Empath Ability, being an Environmental Empath or Mechanical Empath or Plant Empath or Crystal Empath or Spiritual Empath or Intellectual Empath.” The article itself is on being a Molecular Empath.

Rose suggests 5% are born with an empathic gift but usually don’t become skilled. Many either do not know how to turn it off or have repressed it and forgotten it’s there. Some may only be vaguely aware they have a gift. Some are plagued by having to continually process other people’s junk. In other words, these are gifts you’re born with but they need training to be managed and used skillfully.

Rose also notes in the article that Psychic Knowing, in the Intuitives section, is completely distinct from Empathic gifts even if they sometimes result in similar information. Empathy is not at all like Psychic. The means are very different.

The book explores the basic techniques in more detail, the styles of reading, and the chakras. Unlike Read People, the book also explores reading food, medicine, and consumer goods for quality and suitability.

These are references books, the kind you come back to as your skills develop. In fact, Rose suggests you read over Aura Reading once to get an overview, then go back in more detail on a second go, trying all the techniques and finding the best for your personal toolkit.

Energy healing comes later, after you know how to read the energy much more accurately. She calls being able to clearly read the chakra databanks Stage 3 Energetic Literacy.

Her blog has ongoing articles discussing various techniques and offering celebrity examples to read for practice. Some comments come from her well-experienced students and grads. For those interested in more on face reading, her New Power of Face Reading would be the next step to read. It’s fascinating to see how our face is an expression of who and how we are.

I’ll be writing about other books of hers later. If you’re of the philosophy that the world is an illusion and wonder why I bother developing skills for finer sensing, I’ll reiterate that the journey is not just about discovering the truth of who we are within, but bringing that out into the world. This song speaks to an aspect of that. Or this quote from Denise Hagan: “If you could see what I see, you’d never lose your smile
Enjoy!  😉

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20 Responses to Aura Reading

  1. Rose says:

    Davidya, I have had many reviews of my books but I am just sitting here at my computer in a state of wonder and deep gratitude.

    What an extraordinarily helpful review. It satisfies me regarding accuracy, plus it is such a practical way of helping other people to sort through my body of work.

    Thank you.

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Rose
    Ah, good. Seems I’m learning. 😉 I’m quite enjoying drawing your expertise into my working models, opening new abilities, and bringing a more practical stroke to some of the cosmic. A little less “2Deep”. (laughs)

    What amazes me is I’ve just begun. I’ve yet to read the definitions of that rich assortment of empathic gifts above, have many more databanks to explore, not to mention your healing works. A treasure trove.

    You’re also one of the few bloggers I don’t always keep up with. And you do this on top of book projects, monthly workshops, and clients. I admire the energy you’re giving this on several levels. Thank you.

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  4. Davidya says:

    Rose reblogged this article over on her blog. In the usual joys of migrating content, it broke up the spacing and she ran out of time to fix it all. But here it is, in her style.

  5. Davidya says:

    (a post-migration pingback from Rose)
    […] at this blog as well as his own where (among many other topics explored at depth) David has written the most insightful articles I have seen yet on my work in this […]

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  19. Davidya says:

    It’s worth noting Empath gifts are quite distinct from shifts in consciousness itself. I discussed that here:

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