Magnetize Money vs the Law of Distraction

If you’ve been a fan of the Law of Attraction, you’ve probably read Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. It’s been a big seller since it was first published in the 1930’s and has influenced several generations. Some people have achieved success through his 16 principles. But many people did not. Most people don’t know that because of this, he went on to research and discover a 17th principle, what he called the Cosmic Habitforce.

What Mr. Hill was really missing was energetic literacy. The energetic patterns people are carrying that get in the way of the flow. I’ve seen more recent books that draw a little closer, like The Soul of Money exploring a shift to sufficiency. Or Breaking Loose from the Money Game, an exploration of our illusions and how to change the rules of the game. Both books I’d recommend.

But while both touch on our emotional resistance around money, neither goes into the literacy we need to make specific corrections and healing. It’s only in getting to know our internal energetic relationships and how we are in the world that we can bring balance and presence to all of our life.

Last spring, I began reading Rose Rosetree‘s book Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy. It’s taken me awhile to finish because I’ve been making a lot of notes. It was my first book of hers and it touches on a very wide array of subjects. It’s been an insightful look at the causal energetic patterns that underlie our apparent material life.

I’m not, by the way, advocating a materialist existence here. I’m talking about life balance and the ability to support ourselves and those we love comfortably. Too many people on a spiritual path are energetically divorced from the more objective parts of their existence. They are what Rose calls a “lollipop“. Lots of attention (and thus energy) in the upper chakras of spirit and dreams but minimal in the real world. Some teachings even encourage this imbalance in the interest of breaking identification with the “illusory” world. But there’s an interesting secret here – you don’t end identification by avoidance. You end it by seeing through it, right in daily life.

In a surprising review, Rose compares the auras (energetic signatures) of a large number of Law of Attraction (LOA) practitioners with those of fundamentalist Christians. The result: if you want to be grounded and successful you’re better off a fundamentalist. (laughs) Such people typically occupy their lives more fully and can thus manifest their goals in ways that LOA practitioners only dream of. And that’s the nut of the problem. Many LOA practitioners live in their ideas and dreams. Often, they behave as if the world owes them. Of course the advertising world encourages this sense of entitlement. But if you don’t ground those dreams in action (and pay those credit card bills), you won’t see results. The fruits of action come from action. As the ancient sage Vasishtha said, All Arises from Self-Effort.

By effort here, we don’t mean force but rather power. Energetic Oomph. And indeed, this is another aspect Rose highlights in the energetic modelling of the wealthy. She goes over the 10 most important chakra databanks or nadis for financial flow and gives a number of living examples. She says that successful people have large chakra databanks for a practical, powerful presence in the physical body and for conflict resolution. Do you handle conflict with action or with ideals? These are 2 very different energetic styles. The book is full of such examples.

Rose also calls a spade a spade. She observes that Esther Hicks lives like a renunciate. The author of “The Secret” doesn’t mirror LOA teaching either. Cringe all you like, but Donald Trump does.

While some do have a more triangular energetic signature – too much in the world, the ideal is a balance of even energy across the board. In fact, Rose sees this balance as a key symptom of enlightenment. In other words, real spiritual progress comes from living all areas of life, not through the denial or avoidance of any.

Rose highlights healthy and unhealthy examples of how the rich handle other aspects of their lives and how energetic literacy can help us find balance. She offers quite a few simple techniques for getting to know our own energy states. And she reframes some common techniques like goal setting. Thus, how we can live healthy and productive lives yet remain connected to source.

Another way spiritual people tend to be out of balance is around the flow of energy. They give freely but have trouble receiving. As income flow is a form of receiving, that could use some attention. Further, people often give away their power, their Self-authority. This is not good for spiritual progress or for wealth creation. As other people mirror what we broadcast, the environment will reflect our energetics. The mechanics are pretty simple once it’s clear.

Rose also notes that life challenges are grounding and keep us present. I can add that if we stop avoiding areas of life, some kinds of problems will fall away. They’re not needed to keep us present. (laughs)

The depths of it are quite surprising. Rose teaches how to read from photos. But the databanks of anyone you’ve ever had a conversation with are also stored as an energetic hologram in your sub-conscious (astral). Plus, all of your beliefs and changes thereof leave an energetic imprint. Of course, reading that requires more developed skills. But these skills are surprisingly easy and just take practice. And no, you don’t have to read colours. You read by whatever gifts you have.

What has surprised me is how much reading we’re already doing sub-consciously. How we’re automatically responding to others, for example. The trick here is making it conscious and shifting our attention a little to more balance. Are we modelling to people that we’re solid enough to hire or give their money to? Do we have the signature of someone who gets real results? Or do we come off as a little unfocused and cloudy or vacant in those areas of our lives? What you put attention on  grows stronger in your life. Where you put your attention too.

…excessive dependence on affirmations may put a susceptible person at risk for disassociating from reality and developing a spiritual addiction.” It’s surprising how common this is. You can replace “affirmations” with “dreams” or “guides” or even “planning“. Too much of anything and no action isn’t even treading water. Again, this is about balance.

Another key aspect of action and energy is momentum. Making some of these changes may feel like turning a massive cruise ship as at first we’re struggling with past momentum. But as we make the right course corrections and engage the engines with action, we build a new momentum. Our life will shift in ways we once only dreamt of.

And isn’t that the key here – to live your dreams in the world? If we blame lack of talent, we have not yet acted enough to discover our own. Again, it’s action that brings results, not potential.

Energetic literacy* is key for so many areas of life. It’s like the current energy age‘s new version of Gutenberg** literacy.

Have fun!

*If you happen to be one of the 1 in 20 who is a born empath, I very much recommend you gain some skills with that first. Understanding how you read and interact with energy sub-consciously is very different than how most people do and you want to make that conscious and gain some skills with that first. Then it’s much easier to learn energetic literacy without picking up others junk all the time. Rose says learning empath skills changes lives – it’s not exaggerating. I’ll be writing about that soon after I finish Rose’s 30-Day Plan for Empath Empowerment book.

**the invention of the printing press that resulted in mass written literacy and education. We’re at the beginning of new forms of literacy that have been lost for a time.

PS – and yes – the title is a joke about Attraction. Many use LOA more for avoidance or addictive behaviours, as the quote notes, than for making practical progress.

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11 Responses to Magnetize Money vs the Law of Distraction

  1. Julie says:

    I like this – “The fruits of action come from action”. Thank you, Davidya. Also, the reminder that “it’s action that brings results, not potential”.

  2. Davidya says:

    Thanks for the comment, Julie. In some ways, this can be stating the obvious but it can be useful to be reminded of such things periodically. Dreaming doesn’t make it so until we act on those dreams.

  3. Julie says:

    For someone prone to living a life of the mind, it can be helpful to be reminded. But I’m working on my action circuits (laughter). Trying to develop the reflex to act when it’s needed – not delaying. Materializing things through action. Being effective in the world.

  4. Davidya says:

    Yes, it’s a very common tendency in the west. We’ve risen up to the mind but sometimes leave behind what connects that to living. The same thing can happen spiritually. As the latest post comments on, the key is not just connecting to spirit but living that in the world, of bringing it all together.

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  6. Mel says:

    I’ve found that not desiring or willing to take action on a particular goal can be sign that a person isn’t truly inspired by that goal on all levels (it doesn’t do anything for their soul and it’s more of a socially conditioned desire). For example, someone attempting to practice LOA for wealth might not personally be all that interested in money; they might just think it’s something they “should” have in their life to be a “successful” person or to be secure from the various fears that money is supposed represent liberation from. That motivation is way too weak to transform the patterns of habit people have dug themselves into.

    Also, I feel like action is one of the ways the universe differentiates true intention from just another one of the fleeting fantasies people entertain on daily basis. Basically it shows the world that you’re serious.

    This is why I love the book the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles because it makes a point of saying that ACTION is absolutely necessary. His advice, by the way, is to take it one day at a time; don’t become overwhelmed by analysis paralysis and just focus on what you can do TODAY and let tomorrow worry about itself.

  7. Davidya says:

    Hi Mel
    Yes, you make a good point. We can have an idea of wanting something but unless we actually act, nothing will come of it. And noticing this is going on is a great sign of either where we have things to heal or where we’re out of touch with who we are and what we really want – also something to heal.

    Getting past all the “shoulds” and “musts” can be a major journey for some people. But it can certainly make life so much smoother and simpler.

    I believe Wattles book was the inspiration behind the film The Secret.

    In this particular case, Rose’s book is about healing the energetic dynamics that underlie the above behaviours. Easier ways to move through our barriers to living in the world.

    If the subject interests you, you may enjoy some of the links in the Action and Intention sections of the Key Posts tab above.

    Thanks for the comment.

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  9. Davidya says:

    A recent Rose article about the difference between energy adjustments and clearing the “Stuff” that can get in the way of money flow.

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