Denise Hagan

Friday night, I had the great pleasure of experiencing a livingroom concert by Denise Hagan. Her Irish roots brought out the story telling, giving background to her many moving songs. When I first spoke of her in Rise Up In Song, I heard just 4 songs during a talk in church. This concert was all Denise, ranging from a Joni Mitchell tune she listened to as a child to drown out the sounds of the military, through flute songs for the “elementals” (fairies or devata) into the song that came through when she called for healing of bone cancer. (‘Perfect Replications’, it worked)

“If you could see what I see, you’d never lose your smile”

In many songs, she speaks of her long journey home. ‘The life you’ve been Dying to Live’ line “I’ve worn out bodies like I’ve worn out shoes and I have no desire to waste another one” speaks to her desire to make this her last.

‘Glory and Grace’ are new words for the lovely hymn with overly somber lyrics, Abide with Me. And my favorite, ‘Amazing Space’, new words for Amazing Grace. Makes the heart sing.

“Sweet million years I’ve roamed this Earth in search of who I AM And still it never once occurred to Me that its right here where I stand…

In this Amazing space, Amazing Space that lyes right here in Me
The treasure deep within my chest that I at last can feel”

And she shares that feeling with the audience. You can explore more lyrics here:  (see comments)

She has a powerful effect on the heart of ‘those Who Hear’, a song that came through from a past life saint. She left a singing career in Ireland to move to “heaven in Canada” on the west coast.

To give you an idea of just how connected she is to the heart, she offers a service  to help parents communicate with their autistic kids. She says they speak in feelings. She translates. “What if your child isn’t silent? What if he or she is simply tuned to another station, one that you haven’t yet discovered? In today’s world, most of us communicate on the verbal station. Language is our dominant means of expression. However, our beautiful [autistic] children are not hardwired for language. Instead they come hardwired with their own ‘Mother Toungue’… the language of feeling!” (she’s also a Special Ed teacher)

Amazing woman.

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16 Responses to Denise Hagan

  1. Davidya says:

    This weekend, Denise performed in a charity concert. Other performers included everything from an up and coming 13 year old to classics like Susan Jacks (Poppy Family) and Shari Ulrich (Hometown Band). Shari followed Denise in the second half and had to take a moment to “ground” after hearing Denise do Perfect Replications.

    I spoke briefly with Denise during half time. She said that not everyone is affected like that, hence the song For Those Who Hear.

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  4. Liam Cummings says:

    Denise will be at the Playhouse Derry N. Ireland on Saturday 18th December 2010. Contact The 00442871364080 for more info.

  5. Davidya says:

    Thanks for the note. Her web site doesn’t reflect her busy schedule.

  6. Davidya says:

    Denise’s updated web site unfortunately does not have the lyrics now. But you can listen to song samples and order her CD’s. She has another in the works – heard a song from it this evening. Beautiful!

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  11. Davidya says:

    She seems to have let go of her web site but her music is available on Shopify, iTunes, Amazon, and so forth.

    • Sam Miller says:

      I was wondering if our beloved Denise has passed away. Her website has disappeared and her Facebook page as been dormant for a couple of years now ( I wasn’t able to find any up-to-date info on her or anyway of contacting her. Besides her CDs, she seems to disappeared from net. Do you know?

      • Davidya says:

        Hi Sam
        I’m not sure. She didn’t own her original domain and had to abandon it to a supplier, setting up another site. After her return to Ireland, I saw a few Youtube things come up about singing at birthday parties and such but just standards, not her songs. I don’t have a current email address for her now either.

        So I’m not sure if shes moved away from public life or something else.

        If anyone who knows runs into this, I’d like to know.

  12. Nishtha says:

    Hi. I want the lyrics of Perfect Replications. Can you please send me the link?

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Nishtha
      Her web site used to have all the lyrics but she had to abandon it due to an unscrupulous web developer. She had another simpler site later but its down now too. She’s tended to have an accidental web presence, others posting her.
      I’m currently traveling but will check when I get home if the CD inserts have the lyrics. I can note that the lyrics are spoken from the perspective of what many would call Jesus. “You are my perfect replications, and the ones that I adore.”

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Nishtha
      Here is the CD insert of For Those Who Hear album. This includes Perfect Replications lyrics.
      The insert for Amazing Grace doesn’t have lyrics. Ditto Healing Time.

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