The Shadow Drives

This came up in another forum. I thought it worth sharing here, editing for context.

Humans are human. It is very rare for someone to have no shadow, even a great guru. Much can be cleared but sprouted karma takes time to wind down and tends to have a momentum. With rare exceptions, if there is still a body there is still karma. There is still lesha avidya, the faint remains of ignorance.

In fact, our shadow is often what drives us to act in the world. Our wounds or what we  overcame often become our passion. To quote the second to last sentence of the Rig Veda: “By virtue of unitedness and by means of that which remains to be united, I perform action to generate wholeness of life.

But if that shadow is not conscious, it can create a big blind spot. Then it can overshadow the light being expressed. Action then may produce mixed results. It may even amplify the shadow. Then it is not uniting to generate wholeness.

Drawing others into this amplifies it further. This has been the downfall of a number of teachers. Having better energetic literacy to recognize such issues helps to avert this. And helps us to choose a teacher wisely.

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