Healing Everything – Part 3 of 3

Healing Everything – Part 3 of 3

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– More Specific Issues

Much of the above helps us improve the general tone of our lives but some knots or blocks are more pernicious. After our practice, we step back into the world and the old habits re-engage, reinforcing the momentum of the past. These are the sprouted seeds of karma.

There are a variety of ways we store unresolved experiences. This is directly related to karma. Energetic sludge, knots, unskilled empath merge, spiritual addiction/bypassing, negative thought forms, frozen contractions, crusts, outmoded self-concepts, old substance abuse issues, energetic cords of attachment, psychic coercion, and assorted entities that hang around who may try to manipulate our energy.

There is no simple way to organize these as they’re not tidy things reserved to this or that level. It’s also important to not see these as entirely separate things as they’re often inter-related. For example, strong experiences can give rise to large thought-forms. If they’re maintained, they can become contractions we carry into further lifetimes. Unskilled empath merges bring in dross, but it’s not stuff we generated. That can become thought forms, and so on. From a rainbow analogy, they’re not all red or green.

Some of these names point to how we collect the dross (like unskilled empath merge) and some are more about the kind of dross itself (negative thought forms) but each term points to a distinct type and a distinct healing needed.

Happily, we can heal all of it.

A – Sludge, Knots, and Karma

This is the kind of general sludge the builds up from poor energy flow resulting from resistance and unresolved energy. Our energy body is composed of tubes or nadis (much like blood vessels). Resistance gums them up with sludge and may even form knots or granthis. Meditation is ideal here but sometimes some direct healing is very useful.

By learning energetic literacy, we can then learn direct tools for clearing the sludge.

B – Unskilled Empath Merges, loading dross

About 1 in 20 people are born empaths. This means they’re born with one or more empath gifts. They have ways of experiencing what another person (or life form) experiences. And most of those people are unskilled empaths, unaware or unclear on their gifts and how to control them. As a result, we go through our day making fast energetic connections with others, often unconsciously, noticing how they are but picking up some of their dross in the process. Emotional empaths in particular can have a great deal of difficulty as they end up processing not only their own emotions but others as well. An intellectual empath, on the other hand, would pick up concepts and have trouble distinguishing their own. This extra fog also reduces clarity on what is happening. And because the people we’re drawing from are not learning, it doesn’t help them either. They just replace the debris again.

First thing is to become conscious of this process. Then how to turn it down. Then how to use the gift without collecting debris. This is called becoming a skilled empath. It is changing a burden into the gift that it is.

C – Spiritual Bypassing or Addiction

Spiritual Addiction is the tendency for “spiritual” people to live in avoidance of the world by hanging out in the upper chakras. Living in the astral, imagination, spending excess time with non-physical beings, or in excess spiritual practices.

Keeping the energy out of the lower chakras means we’re ungrounded, the emotional and mental processes are handicapped, our vitality may be compromised, and we’ll be less effective at simply living in the world, making money, or creating anything.

The fix here is largely about action – being in the world. Living a grounded, practical and balanced life. Limiting time “out there”, especially if we have the issue.

If it’s not corrected, difficult energetic subroutines can be created that block normal functioning.

When this gets really bad, people can start shifting their identity to a different plane. See the Identity section further down on that.

Imagination, visiting non-physical beings, and spiritual practices are all good things, but become corrupted if used in excess and as a form of avoidance.

A related form of this is seeking “spiritual” escape through things like hallucinogenic drugs. Such trips tend to add sludge, strong impressions and possible identity issues (below) which serve as barriers to progress rather than supporting it. The experiences themselves are also typically distorted, leading to misleading ideas.

The reverse of addiction is spiritual shutdown – people who are in avoidance of anything subtle. They keep their energy out of the upper chakras. Both can arise from a desire to avoid our unresolved challenges leading to these two forms of life avoidance.

D – Strong Impressions, Thought Forms, Frozen Contractions, Crusts

Strong experiences tend to leave deeper impressions that need to be processed or “digested”. If we’re caught by our experiences and see them as directly related to who we are, we take events personally and can feel quite battered by life.

Again meditation is key here to help resolve things.

If a strong experience is not resolved, a desire left unfulfilled, or a thought is sustained, it creates a thought form. This is a subtle field that influences everything that follows from that. If that thought form solidifies, it becomes a frozen contraction. That becomes something we carry forward into future lifetimes.

In Sanskrit they call desire impressions Vasanas and strong mental impressions Samskaras.

As Kristen Kirk observes, even the sense of I Am has a form. When we identify with that rather than our true nature within, life events are fearful and threatening because who I am is buffeted by change. Most people live in constant fear of identity-threats, but it’s so normal it’s become unconscious and unrecognised. They suffer and consider it normal.

People also confuse the form and the identification. They try to kill the ego or suppress thoughts. But it is not the forms in themselves that are the problem. And in fact, the first stage of dropping identification is to stop the fight. When identification dissolves, the useful structures can remain and no longer burden us. We can continue functioning as a person in life, with our habits and learning intact.

However some of those thought forms can have a negative charge or context, a negative effect on our thinking and feeling. They block the natural flow of our expression. These ones we not only want to lose identification with, we want to dissolve the thought form altogether.

Because we didn’t have these skills before, we all have frozen contractions from our past and prior incarnations in the mix. The key is not reliving the experience, just allowing the energy to become conscious so it can complete and dissolve. This may also arise spontaneously when enough clearing has taken place for the memories to arise and be accepted.

Some of our identification is ancient. I’ve described above the energy nodes we carry forward and the interconnected mesh they create, tying us energetically with beings from long before this life. I’ve found this can be healed now or in the past (which is present).

If there is a continuous resistance to our environment, we form energetic crusts – a kind of black shell around the heart and lower chakras. Ironically, this may prevent us from feeling what we wish to avoid but it does nothing to protect us and actually tends to amplify what we wish to avoid. Our environment responds to the energy we radiate.

Such black crusting is also what covers our light and shifts us to the “dark side”. However, as we become conscious of the light, we’re able to break down such crusts easily. As usual, once conscious it can be addressed.

E – Outmoded Self-Concepts

All of us play various roles in life. Part of our self-identity repertoire. Parent, child, boss, worker, friend, lover. We create a kind of energetic frame while playing our roles, offering the right kind of energy for the person and circumstance.

However, many people end up carrying frames they’ve outgrown, that are unsuitable and even corrupted by negative beliefs. Some people still carry high school self-conceptions long into adulthood, for example. These self-beliefs get in the way of not only how we see ourselves but how others see us as well. We broadcast the energy of the self-believed story and others feel it subconsciously. When we’re playing a role that’s corrupted by an old unsuitable one, we can also broadcast mixed messages.

Again, the key is becoming more conscious energetically or using a good healer. 

F – Identity

Our sense of Identity arises from what we identify with, who we conceive and feel ourselves to be. That might be our body or feelings or thoughts or the body-mind as a whole. After enlightenment, it is something much greater.

Identity can be changed a number of ways – by life experiences, spiritual experiences, and substances, for example. A substance abuser (pot, alcohol, etc.) typically adopts this behaviour as an avoidance. If they take it too far, even after the high has passed, they can remain in a variation of bypassing (above). They no longer really inhabit their body as it becomes increasingly unpleasant to do so. A severe case of cult mind control can have the same effect.

Serious issues can require the help of a competent healer who has related skill.

G – Subconscious Programs

Our mind is a habit machine, somewhat like a computer. Except that due to choice, we can add new subroutines and upgrade our programs. In the process though we tend to pick up some bad sub-routines. These are more subtle than thought forms, underlying the chakra databanks. But they run fast and automatically, without us realizing.

Fixing subconscious code again requires a very skilled healer. It’s essentially reprogramming the mind.

H – Energetic Ties

Whenever we meet someone, we create energetic ties with them. This is normal, a way to share energy and communicate who we are. When we’re prone to identification, we also create a cord of attachment with them. If we’re intimate with them, a stronger cord. So yes, everyone we’ve had sex with. The more significant the relationship, the more we’re identified, the stronger the cord. Even if the relationship ends and you physically separate, you will continue to share energy until that cord is properly removed.

Note the word properly. They can be pernicious and reconnect if you don’t clear the cords properly. This isn’t something you can just slice and be done with, though there are healers that offer this.

I – Psychic Coercion

The name sounds kind of spooky but our culture is full of it – subtle mental coercion. We see it in advertising, interpersonal relationships, politics, and more. It’s basically a nag, a message that comes with a sense of should or must, an energetic shove.

We’ve all meet people who have picked up skills, perhaps subconsciously, to manipulate people this way. As it’s an energetic manipulation, it leaves energetic debris as well. Classically, people under the influence have a gray cast to their aura, rather like a hick form of fatigue. If it is sustained, it can become, then frozen contractions.

It’s fine to suggest things to people – once. But as soon as we start prodding and nagging, we’ve shifted into coercion. We’re trying to push them subtly with our agenda, with our energy.

The key to understand is we’re only susceptible to this energetic push if we have a vulnerability pattern. Something that will open the door to coercion energetically, leading us to accept sludge. Essentially something in the coercion that we believe, like “not good enough”. So the key is healing the vulnerability patterns.

J – Resident Entities

In Energy world, energy beings live on energy just as we live on food. As these beings are the doers of nature, the kind we attract has a considerable effect on our “support” from the environment. This means how smoothly our desires are fulfilled and life flows. Lots of heaviness (tamas) means slow response and challenges getting anything done. Lots of agitation (rajas) breeds similar “friends”. Attracting the good guys brings synchronicities and ease of accomplishment. Not to mention the amazing difference in our emotional tone. Quality of life is directly related to quality of energy. It can change much faster than we can change physically.

If we’re not energy aware and have not cleared our shadows (above), we’ll tend to attract beings who like that “flavour” of energy. Just as we can become identified with our experience, these “rabble” I mentioned on reviewed them recently here can get identified with or stuck in our energy. Such beings are self-interested and don’t contribute. At least not the kind of “support” you want.

This is nothing to be afraid of – it’s more like a bug. Or we can think of them like embodied energetic dross. Some bug spray required.

For some their fear of the dark side creates a greater belief in the power of the dark than the Grace of the Light. It is against these fears of the individual that the Light has the hardest battle.” – Verna Maruata

Kundalini Vidya observes that beings can try to live vicariously through us. To get what they want, they may disrupt or mislead us, usually through the navel chakra. If we’re in contact with such beings, such as through channelling, they may seem wise because they have access to the akashic records. But these are not celestial beings and do not serve our best interests.

The worst form of occupation is called possession, where the entity has not just moved in but taken over. Channellers are the most susceptible to this.  Astral gifts (apparent talents) are being used to attract people who are then tapped as an energy source. They use a cord of attachment to transfer energy and add other entities.

The key is in removing the cord of attachment and clearing the debris and entities left behind in your energetic network. This requires a combination of advanced skills, again needing a professionals hand.

Finally, I’ll note that unless we’re extremely advanced, we can’t heal death. If the body has lost it’s internal intelligence, no amount of energy healing will reverse the tide. When it’s time, it’s time. But this is only the end of a chapter in our journey.

Kind of looks like a messy picture, eh? Our energy full of debris and unintended consequences. Happily, all of this can be healed. We can cleanse our energy and live a vastly different experience of life. All of this has a great deal to do with our transition out of a darker age.

I’ll remind the reader here that a skilled healer will know best what needs attention first. You should not go to a healer with a diagnosis or shopping list of techniques you want. You should bring the issues you want healed with their expertise.

Finally, I’ll mention that this is not just about the muck. Energetic literacy gives you major life skills. It also helps you discover what thrills your soul and what your gifts are. And it smooths and speeds the way for enlightenment to flower.

We live in remarkable times. As the song goes, we’ve only just begun…

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