Grace is Brahman

Grace is Brahman

When people say they awoke through grace, they mean through something higher as yet unseen. It may be strongly felt but is still deeper than direct knowing and being. They recognize it is not the person who has woken but rather Self has woken to Itself. (substitute words as appropriate)

The grace that does this is Brahman. Knowing Brahman, one knows pure grace.

The Divine Mother, Mahaprakriti, source of all creation and expression, is flowing Brahman – if such a thing could be said. Her light that awakens the inner sight with but a drop, is Brahman.

The soma that awakens and feeds the gods and, with their help, enlivens the refined physiology is Brahman.

Sattva, the most pure guna, is the closest to Brahman. But it is not wholeness. Together, the gunas are Brahman.

Of course, it (almost) goes without saying that Brahman alone is. Yet it is beyond existing or not existing.

Why does Brahman appear to become? It is in the nature of self-reflection. When Brahman stirs liveliness and alertness, awareness arises and becomes self-aware. Aware of itself, you have experiencer, experiencing and experienced. In recognizing the distinction, the trinity and creation arises. Of course, no such distinction actually happens. To describe it requires descriptions that don’t describe it, much as one might use analogy. Wholeness alone is.

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