The Curious Nature of Awakening

The Curious Nature of Awakening

There are some curious paradoxes around spiritual awakening. Some cannot really be met by the mind. We say it happened through grace or the mystery or by “accident.”

But some aspects we can address. For example, most teachers will recommend certain practices to help you awaken. A practice will not cause you to awaken though. Awakening isn’t something you do. It’s something you surrender. It’s more that a practice makes the ground more fertile, the process more smooth, and helps quality of life. If awakening happens by accident, some practices will make you more “accident prone.”

We can see this more clearly with another step. In the process of becoming, awareness becomes aware of itself both globally and at every point within itself. It is self-aware, a 2-in-1 dynamic. It’s not that you as a person awakens. It’s that the point wakes up to its wholeness.

What is surrendering? That which has been holding back, not allowing Self to be as it is. The point value has been identified with its experience rather than the whole from which it arose. Like Self globally, it has looked within and forgotten to look back upon itself.

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