Everything Wakes

Everything Wakes

There is an interesting aspect of awakening that is not too often covered. Awakening is not about what you or I are doing, it’s what everything is doing. Everything wakes.

Of course, it’s not possible for a rock to meditate. And a bird may have moments of insight but they don’t have enough time to awaken.

So how do the birds and trees awaken? Through consciousness.

The key thing here – consciousness is not a you or I thing. It’s a we thing. We’re in this together. The “me” does not wake up, Self wakes to Itself.

It is easiest for Self to do this through a human nervous system that has been prepared. But there are examples in the old books of other forms of life who become awake teachers.

For humans, the first stage is Self Realization. This is a more localized thing, a person wakes and begins to much more directly express the silence in their life.

As more and more people waken (as is happening these days), the group consciousness is pulled up with them. People close to them benefit more, but also things around them. Pets, home, work, and so forth.

In India, they have a term called Darshan. It’s kind of like presence or charisma. But as it’s more subtle, it may not be noticed. But you may notice subtle shifts in how you feel.

I’ve also noticed what might be called soul resonance. Where we notice the effect more with some than with others, even though they are equally awake.

As the awakening deepens, the silence goes deeper plus the alertness of that becomes more manifest. As Unity unfolds, the silence moves more and more into the world. The presence becomes stronger.

All of this moves everything in consciousness forward. As has been in the past, at first the movement seems slow and sluggish. But as the momentum builds and more movement is happening, the speed begins to build. We may be experiencing a sense that time is speeding up for example.

As we express the qualities of the divine more and more, they become more fully known, awake. But equally, as we experience these qualities in our ordinary life, we awaken those divine aspects in what is perceived. We awaken the objects of perception. We become the vehicles for the divine to awaken all of Itself to Itself.

In more advanced stages of unity, we are awakening our environment, our history – in short, everything we have ever perceived. As we sit in an infinite space, all of it is being “raised up”.

Can you imagine a world were most everything is awake? Where the walls glow with liveliness, the trees sing, the very air tickles with life. Every gesture is rich with meaning. Every building hewn from solid peace. Where the world is your family. Everything is deeply intimate and only a thought away.

It may seem a silly fantasy. But it’s not so hard to describe. The reality is within memory of many of us.

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