Discipline and Freedom

Discipline and Freedom

Tom Stine has written a new post, Discipline and Freedom, basically on how to get through the maze of techniques of awakening.

I’ve said some similar things in a little different way. Worth a read.

“Eventually, all the techniques, all the practices, gave way to the only real practice there is: stillness. When the Infinite begins to awaken through you, it increasingly wants nothing to do with techniques or practices. It has one seeming agenda: to shine it’s light on everything in your mental-emotional system, to open every dark corner and shine a light into it. And what you discover is that it is operating on its agenda and its program, not yours. As a matter of fact, yours never mattered in the slightest. It has always been the Infinite doing its thing.”

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  1. I suppose the “good” practices are the ones that go away as practice, and what remains is effortless awareness. In my experience, Awareness and Release have done that.

    Discipline does have a place. Not the self-forcing sort, but I’ve experienced long periods apathy and depression (not clinical depression, but a sort of withdrawal). It can be uncomfortable and disorienting. Completely allowing, even inviting, these “disturbing” states helps. It can also help to exercise and remain somewhat engaged with living, which may take a discipline.

    Ultimately, any practice is a point of view in Awareness, and not Awareness itself.

    Thanks, good stuff.

  2. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik

    Myself, I’ve practiced an effortless meditation for decades, so it it didn’t need to fall away. But it went through a big change in function after waking. I couldn’t figure out how for a couple of days. (laughs) It switched from stepping into the silence to stepping out of the noise. A few other things I’ve used at discreet points on the journey did fall away though.

    Yes, exercise can take some discipline. I’m attempting such at the moment, to get back on a simple routine of yoga and exercise. I find it curious that discipline is even required given the benefits. (laughs) But it is.

    Yes. We could say any practice is a means for awareness to further know itself.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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