Coming Home

Some describe the experience of the spiritual journey as a coming home. This is surprisingly literal. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to use the phrase “mother is at home” to describe the security one felt in the peace of being.

But there is a deeper aspect to this in the way creation and expression arise from silence. We know any experience has 3 parts – the observer, the process of observation, and the object of perception.

But it is also all mirrored. What is above is repeated below. As above, so below.

God the observer is the “male” or father aspect, the witness or subject. The 3rd eye mirrors this.

God the creator is the “female” or mother aspect, the object of perception, the heart. She is known by many names – Mother Divine, Mother Mary, Shakti… in fact there are texts that list 1,000 names for the divine mother. The richness of the divine heart is immense.

The connection between them is the flow, the process, the throat. Thus arises speech.

Another aspect of this is the alertness and the liveliness, basic principles of silence. Or awareness (which is lively alertness) and intention (which is directed liveliness, focused awareness), the 2 requirements for becoming or expressing. When these 2 are brought together, creation ensues. The process of creation is the process of perception – awareness, intention, and result.

Because we are a mirror of the divine, we are our own vehicle home. As we clear the way and come to know each aspect of ourselves more closely, we find the divine that underlies what is mirrored. We find the divine in the ordinary, the copy. We find the mirror is none other than That itself.

And thus we come home and find mother is at home.  Right there in the heart.

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