Coming into Oneness

Coming into Oneness

Recently, I have written several articles on the establishment of Unity Consciousness. In each, I have touched on the process of integration and development.

In The Veda of Unity, I speak of the stages of Unity outlined in the Rig Veda.  In After Unity, I spoke of the process of integration of Unity. But words rather fail here. If there is unity underlying diversity, it is not yet unity. If there is diversity within unity, the unity remains incomplete.  Unity is just that – unity, oneness. There is no other, no diversity.

There are no levels. There are no stages as may be implied above. There is simply endlessly increasing degrees of brightness and clarity. One perceives everything at once, and all is one. The mind cannot remotely grasp this. The world remains the same. But how it is perceived changes completely. One sees it from being it, all of it.

For most of us, there is a gradual breaking down of all the old concepts and beliefs that hold us separate. A gradual integration of all parts into the whole. Only in that wholeness is Unity or Enlightenment complete.

There may be many openings along the way as well as many realizations. These are but steps home.

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  1. I really love what you are putting out here. The big mystery of oneness is revealed easily. Just the simple decision to start considering it will start your transformation. In my view it is more important to disconnect the truth of our unity from any religious affiliation then to teach the ancient wisdom. That has been done… today it’s a movement that needs to liberate itself from all historical associations into a form of infectious compassion that is unstoppable not because of a superior argument but because it is our true nature.
    So I agree, there are many openings and many realizations and when they are combined with sincerety, focus and courage the realization of oneness will soon become collective.

  2. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post yet again, Davidya! I hope to be able to experience the Oneness, that keeps me separate from the rest. Filters cloud my lens sometimes, preventing me from getting the breakthrough. I’d have to chip them away a step at a time, for light to shine through.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Daniel
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, beginning is important. But you will find any consideration or idea of it has to fall before you can become it. While the world is about doing, waking is a process of allowing, of undoing. It is more about letting go of beliefs than any affiliations you might have. Even the ideas of ancient wisdom will eventually have to fall away for us to discover it for ourselves. As I have noted here before, the last barrier is often our ideas of it.

    For myself, I attend a “church” regularly – it’s good for the heart. But I don’t look for more beliefs there. Yes, compassion is our true nature and when we open to what we are, we can then open the undefended heart and feel love that can hold all suffering.

    You close with a wise point. As each of us awakens to our true nature, it is the One awakening to Itself. This opens the way further for others and the collective is drawn into its own foundation.

  4. Davidya

    Hi again Evelyn.
    You are more than welcome. As Daniel noted above, and I touched on, as more and more people awaken, the One becomes more and more enlivened. As more and more fall into Unity, the Oneness is enlivened in the world.

    This makes it easier and easier for everyone. First you will find a oneness within. Then that oneness will move out into the world, gradually absorbing everything.

    Keep up the work – you do not need perfection to awaken. Just enough clearing for Self to see through to you (laughs). And we’re working on this together.

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