In a few posts here, I have spoken of the importance of being together in a group for spiritual intent. As there is no “me”, just a we, it is together we become one. It is together the path is laid clear.

Just the group presence is like a powerful form of meditation. I find that with certain individuals, the “resonance” is stronger, amplifying your own state of being. If they are awake, even more so. Self is increased by the coming together of points of infinity. It’s only natural that if those points recognize themselves as infinite, it would create a greater infinity.

So again, “Go together, speak together, know your minds to be functioning together from a common source…United be your purpose, harmonious be your feelings, collected be your mind, in the same way as all the various aspects of the universe exist together in wholeness.” Rig Veda 10.191.2-4

We are one, and no other.

Last Updated on September 7, 2016 by Davidya

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