Fire the Grid II

“Be Present”
Recently, whispers of Fire the Grid began to arise again. Then an announcement that this last weekend, the new web site would go live.

Shelley wrote a letter explaining why she dropped off the map and the site wasn’t updated after the very successful event. Here’s a video version:

The original video with Shelley’s explanation was pulled.

Bradfield has made a new one though:
(see comments)

Also, here is a slide show about it:

It’s worth mentioning that all of the site updates have been done by one guy in about a month, so there’s some glitches. They don’t accept donations, so it’s just the 3 2 of them doing it gratis.

The site now has a massive Testimonials section (use the map at the top) from the first event.

They’ve posted a half dozen videos where she explains why Brazil, what it’s about (raising consciousness), how and why they’re counting us, and so on. While some of the language she uses is a little different, I’m surprised by the depth of the message. It’s quite a bit more mature than the first events.

The videos are downloadable Quicktime .MOV files. Not sure why they didn’t use an external service to host them and reduce their traffic.

There’s lots of other background across the site as well. You’ll find FAQs interesting.

FTG II: July 28, 2009 3:19pm Pacific time. (a Tuesday) A little easier than 4 in the morning as last time  😉

Oh, and there’s a third FTG to follow.

What would make this round superior was if there was a central communications hub for group leaders who could then coordinate local events. Individuals could find their group there. There was some of that last time. But even with a few groups merging into one event here, there was another just across the bay, the 2 unknown to each other.

They’re asking everyone who played a role gathering people last time to do so again. Share your Joy.

Oneness is inclusive and arises in togetherness.

Be Present

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14 Responses to Fire the Grid II

  1. Mathew Hart says:

    Hi Davidya,
    I just wanted to mention that Bradfield released a beautiful FTG 2 promotional video last night that is available for download on the FTG site. I took the liberty of posting it on YouTube at
    Many blessings to you,

  2. Mathew Hart says:

    The energy around this event is much different. For one, Shelley has decided not to be out front leading the charge so to speak with this one. She has decided to lead a “normal” life with her family at this time. Consequently, Bradfield and Anael are very much bringing Shelley’s instructions to the world on their own. It was a very difficult job to do when there was three people… you can imagine how difficult it must be now that there are only two.

  3. Davidya says:

    Thanks Mathew
    It’s nicely done. I’ve noticed a curiosity with this round but more uncertainty about creating gatherings. Perhaps it will be more of a personal journey in these parts.

    For myself, I learned to pay attention to important dates as they are windows of opportunity to make the next step more easily.

  4. Davidya says:

    Thanks, Mathew

  5. Davidya says:

    A new letter went around today as well.

  6. Davidya says:

    A new video talking about the experience of the last event and an invitation for the new one…

  7. Davidya says:

    Funny how tech can be. You have to put YouTube links in a special format to show up in an article as videos but this works automatically in comments…

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  9. Mathew Hart says:

    Lovely heartfelt testimonial and invitation, Davidya. Have a wonderful FTG 2 event in Stanley Park. Wish I could physically be there — nevertheless, we are all One!

  10. Davidya says:

    Thanks, Mathew. Where consciousness is concerned, space is no barrier.

    I am looking forward to it. The energy around it is quite different this time. Not about expressing Joy as with the first but just being present. And this time, no adventures like last time (laughs) (mentioned in the first post)

  11. Davidya says:

    From the latest letter:
    “Be Present and accountable”
    meditate globally as ONE HEART, ONE MIND
    3 days away…

  12. Sandy says:

    I plan on participating, but I do not know of any gatherings in my area. Which would be odd, since I am near Sedona AZ 🙂 The FTG website is down so I can not see if they have any info on it 🙁

  13. Davidya says:

    They mentioned last week that traffic was already up 5x. There was a huge surge last time as well. And this time they don’t seem to have the redundant system that also went down then.

    They asked last times organizers to go again but there is less local publicity than last time. The local organizer here (above) expects far fewer. I didn’t see much in the way of local links on the FTG site.

    But the important thing here is not having a party but being present. A group is great but presence is something that comes from within, something you can do anywhere.

    That you are called to participate in spite of the lack of information says something of your growing connection.

    Have fun!

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