Seeking vs. Gaining

Seeking vs. Gaining

When either a soul or a human is young, they feel a sense of connection to the whole. They are part of the unified one. As the soul or person starts to differentiate itself, the sense of person gradually grows. They become a part of a tribe or family and everything is in relationship to peers. Then self becomes stronger until it is dominant. Individuality is king. Power and control are the game.

At a certain point, this begins to lack satisfaction and we begin search for something bigger than ourselves. Thus, the seeker is born.

The seeker works to find higher truth, to clear out the barriers to awakening, and to refine the nervous system and perception. As Lorne put it, “Consciousness is refining itself itself through you.” The practice is not for gaining enlightenment but for refining the vehicle.

This may be in contrast to your teaching but if you understand it clearly enough, you will see it to be true. You can seek as long as you want but seeking will never give you enlightenment. Any mental or physical practice is always mental or physical. There is nothing you can do to reach enlightenment as enlightenment is a state of non-doing. It is reached by allowing, not doing. But for the allowing to take place, the experience has to be clear enough to see what is to be allowed. And that is the role of the practice. To prepare.

Another way to put this – the practice can bring you near the door but only you can step through. But here’s the trick. You don’t. It is not the me that wakes up. It is Self that awakes to Itself, through the refinement of the vehicle.

Lorne put it this way: “Enlightenment cannot be found by searching. Chasing what cannot be caught.”
“It happens by non-doing. Then it becomes awake to it’s non-doing by doing nothing. By being awake to it’s awakeness. By listening to Itself speak to Itself.”

This brings us back to the value of the group. “Waking happens with intensity of Self” as Lorne put it. In a group, that intensity can be increased considerably. In person is ideal but may not be necessary. That signal can be built even by connecting to a group remotely such as over a conference call. I know a number of people who have woken by listening regularly to conference calls focused on Self listening to Itself.

Of course, they were ready to allow. They had been meditating and had become familiar with the silence. They had cleared some of the chaff.

And that clearing is also a process of allowing. When we make some progress down the road we discover that much of what is in the way of clarity is our old emotional baggage, the stuff we’ve been holding in spite of our practice. When we apply allowing to that, the old resistance can complete itself and be done.

Lorne put it like this: “Allow the feeling without labeling it or associating it with a past experience.

Then there is simply the experience of an emotion. If it’s strong, it may wash over us. And then it will be complete. The energy it took to sustain it is freed. Clarity grows, the load lessens. Bit by bit we peel the onion.

This is not to say we go into the pain and reindulge it. Just allow it.

Soon you will be able to feel every resistance as it comes up. You’ll be able to see the mind try to engage it. And then you can choose. All the old junk falls away until you find yourself in an open space. A space Self can see and in the seeing, see Itself and become.

And thus Self falls into Itself completely. The point becomes infinite.
That Thou Art.

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