Into Balance, into Fullness, into Love

Into Balance, into Fullness, into Love

In past posts, I’ve written about how in the fullness of awareness, the moments of surrender merge to become a perpetual surrender. But how is it possible to surrender perpetually if it takes many, many lifetimes to come to a place where we can, just for a moment, surrender fully once? That one moment it takes to first awaken.

Well, for one, there was many lifetimes not because of what you failed to accomplish but because of what Self sought to experience through you. Awakening arrives as a completion of a cycle. It is only about the we, never a me.

The answer is, as with all such questions, completely simple. When love overtakes all relative experience, there can only be surrender, a perpetual falling in love. It is the fundamental nature of all that is. Expanding into greater fullness of love and collapsing into the focus of love. Love is there, right on the surface, seen, felt, perhaps even heard.

What’s most notable for a man is how much better many women flow love than the average guy. Still constrained perhaps, but spilling out, in spite of internal resistance. The advantage for men, as a friend of mine observed, is that harshness can lead to great intellectual clarity. But at some point, we all have to balance the equation and open the heart.

In the fullness of love comes fullness of being.

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