Breaking up without Breaking

Breaking up without Breaking

Periodically here, I’ve written on the subjects of love and relationship. Posts such as Finding Love, Eternal Love Is, or Understanding the Opposite Sex. Actually, under the category of Love, there’s over 40 posts. Still more under Heart. And Relationship. Lots on clearing but not so much specifically on healing a broken relationship. And that can be one of the bigger challenges in life.

Tom Stine mentioned a new post on Tina Su’s ThinkSimpleNow blog called How to Get Over Breakups. She nails the understanding and offers a number of techniques for healing. I discovered many of the same things in my own journey of healing. Love is not out there but inside and it’s our relationship with that that determines how relationships will be for us. If we are all One, then relationship is a key to our journey into wholeness.

One other tip I’d add to the list – Gratitude. This will open the door to emotional healing and the ability to love. Healing the heart is a key part of the spiritual journey. To become self-aware, we first have to step apart. This is the dawn of the ego. To complete the process, we come together again in Oneness. This is the heart, that sews the sutras of knowledge into wholeness.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Kaushik
    Thanks for the feedback. In a post like this, some of the words are there to provide links or references to related material. That’s why it’s called the “web”. When a post is short, it can get a little clogged with such references but they are very handy when exploring the ideas further. They also link here from the other articles, so you can enter the network of ideas from any of the nodes. In a hosted blog, one can control this more, like moving the links to a “related posts” section, something I don’t control here.

    You may find some of the other articles less encumbered. This one was more so as I hadn’t talked to this subject for a bit.

    In a broader sense, I like to be thorough and will often go deeply into the subject to try and connect to the reader. Some like this style, some don”t. Simple is great but in a big subject it can leave important details out.

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