Gradually, I’m reading Adyashanti’s book, The Impact of Awakening, a series of excerpts from prior talks. There was a few notable quotes in a recent read. It is of course addressed to the awake.

“Embodiment is not something that you do; it is something that is a result of how far you take enlightenment and how much of yourself you give to it. The entire cosmos is your body. Let your humanness reflect and manifest the whole.”

“The indications of embodiment are peace, love, wisdom and enlightened action. What effect we have on others is a good indication of how enlightened we are… Enlightened action springs from a humility that never makes assumptions about one’s own attainment. The more humble you are, the better chance that your behavior will be enlightened.” He goes on to observe that others may not always like the behaviour, the marker is that it liberates.

The Perpetual Surrender
“God is only waiting for an unconditional “Yes”… The whole idea is to get to the point where it is no longer a minute-to-minute choice. Of course, it may be a continual minute-to-minute choice, but the problem is that choosing takes effort. It’s always a decision; at each moment you’re never sure which way you’re going to go. However, there can, and must, come a point where one simply says “yes”. Period. You know inside that choice has been made because choice falls away.”

Personal and Non-personal enlightenment, the 2 wakings.
“Personal enlightenment is an exclusive transcendence, in that it excludes the world of space and time. It arrives at eternity by transcendent exclusion of the relative world of space and time. Non-personal enlightenment is an inclusive transcendence; it sees that the world of space and time is the expression of eternity. Thus, it is a truly non-dual perspective.

The implications of personal enlightenment are profound, indeed, but the implications of non-personal enlightenment are earth shattering in the most positive sense. Realize that you are the whole, and you will see what I mean.”

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