Eternal Love Is

Eternal Love Is

A friend of mine wrote to me of “the possibility of eternal love.” The following is what flowed out in response.

I’ll tell you a secret. Eternal love is not a possibility. It is built in to the fundamental nature of reality. The very movement of attention that gives rise to everything we experience is love. That’s right, your very attention is love.

You may have noticed in seeing a beautiful sunset, hearing a moving piece of music, or touching someone precious, there is that wave of peace, happiness, or love. There you have tasted it in just simple openness to the experience, of being in the moment. Imagine if that was your experience all the time. But if you seek that love “out there” in another person or thing, you will not see this and will not find it. It cannot be found. We can only Be love.

First, we must look within. See past the story we tell ourselves about the world. In the stepping in, we can discover our true nature, who we really are. Opening to that, we become that which we already are, beneath the illusions. From there, that deep inner peace begins to move out into the world, drawn by our attention. Then we begin to see that our attention is love Itself.

From that place, we do not seek relationship so that we can be given love or security. We have that already. We seek relationship to express that love that is spilling out into the world. A focus for the glory of what Is.

That is our gift. To be ourselves and give what we are.

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  1. I enjoyed your outpouring on love… agreeing with its simple yet powerful truth. “We do not seek to receive love but to give it.” A simple key to the masses to realize their prison of their own making is not really locked… they just had their concept of what they were looking from in love… backwards!

    Thank you!

  2. Davidya

    You’re quite welcome, Nancee. And for dropping by and saying hello too. You may also enjoy 3 other posts on the subject from last week. Inspiration tends to come in batches (laughs)

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