Understanding the Opposite Sex

Understanding the Opposite Sex

Marianne Williamson is a well known author and speaker who’s work is based on A Course in Miracles. For myself, I like some of her work, but I’m not a big fan of ACIM. (see below) As I mentioned prior, one of the better known quotes by Nelson Mandela was actually Marianne.

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Last week, a group of friends and I got together and we watched the film Living Luminaries in which Marianne is a prominent speaker. Similar in format to What the Bleep and One, the film highlights a young man interviewing a wide range of people on the subject of the Pursuit of Happiness.

Towards the end of the interview with Marianne, (quoted from the 3 DVD Interview set) the young man brings up the topic of relationship. “Girls, I don’t understand them at all.”

Marianne responds by saying “the first thing you have to do is stop calling them girls.”

“Why does the eternal feminine draw [men] forward?” he then asks.

Marianne responds “Because that’s our function in your life. My function in your life is to call you forth… Your function in my life is to call me forth. That is what men and women are here to do for each other.”

Marianne refers to Pat Allen and quotes “A man’s greatest psychic need is to have his thoughts respected and a woman’s greatest psychic need is to have her feelings cherished.”

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“If you stand forth with a woman, and your intention is to seek to call her forth by being a space in which she feels comfortable…then you’re going to see such beauty in a woman…”

“We’re not having dates, we’re having auditions…asking are you good enough?”

Referring to the film  Don Juan de Marco, she said “He loved women and he saw the beauty in every woman. And so his very being said to a woman, come on be beautiful for me.”

“…we are all telepathically communicating with each other all the time.”
“The truth is, unless you love them, you can’t understand them. The reason you don’t understand women is you’re not loving them enough yet.”

“Every woman is worthy of your love. [not necessarily have sex or a romance]”

“Your function as a male is to love every one of them. If you stand in front of a woman and your thought… I invite you…. to show [me] how beautiful she is, then in your presence she will.”

“The issue is not how to understand a woman, its how to love a woman.”

ACIM is also highly quotable but to me it goes way too much into what you want to get out of. I prefer a simpler approach, focused on connecting to source within. That, with some clearing will get you there.

ACIM is said to be voiced by Jesus but any comparison to his words that have been handed down show a very different voice. Kenneth Wapnick, an editor of ACIM stated in court that Jesus was “a symbol of God’s love and not the historical Jesus of Nazareth”. The impression I get is that the Voice used Jesus as a familiar name, much as The Hicks group uses Abraham as a name. Followers have simply taken it, or it was presented  too literally.

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  2. Cat

    Hi Davidya,

    I too saw Living Luminaries with Marianne Williamson.
    I saw it in the spring of this year. Really enjoyed it.

    Thank you for the movie review and reminder regarding that movie selection.

    With gratitude,


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  4. Rae

    Thank you for input about acim. I began to study it and read Gary Renards book The Disapearance of the Universe. Actually, I couldn’t finish it because I found it offensive. It does not resonate with me. I decided to abandon the study of acim and rely on my own inner guidance for direction. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for sharing!

  5. You’re welcome, Rae.
    It’s been awhile since I wrote this but thought it useful to point that out. Better to see ACIM as a stand-alone work that a continuation of a prior teaching.

    It’s also very useful to understand that our world perspective goes through a series of shifts. How the one Gary outlines shows up can vary some from person to person. (I’ve not read his book myself though)

    If the underlying process is understood, then the experience and its varieties make more sense.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Thanks, Terrie
    There is a very big difference between the love driven by need, the love of an open heart, and the Love that arises during the decent when Hridaya opens. I touched on the third during the interview.

    Many of the articles here are driven by circumstances so the content arises somewhat randomly by inspiration. That leads to better content. 🙂

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