Isha Live

Isha Live

Last night, Isha spoke here in Vancouver as part of her new book tour. While largely unknown in the north, in South America where she has been teaching for a decade, thousands show up. This drew a contingent of local Spanish speakers. The Dynamic Centre’s Sunday series on the Isha System had been highlighted the day before by a visit from Ana, one of Isha’s awake teachers, ahead of Isha’s arrival. With little other advance publicity, the room was packed to capacity. Both the Sunday service and talk quickly sold out of the new book, Why Walk When You Can Fly.

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The talk began with some music videos from her CD, Guru Cool. Isha has a background in horse racing and pop music prior to her awakening, so this carries forward into her persona. This beautiful, fashionably dressed woman does not meet a typical image of a “guru”. She was also quite frank about her own awakening process, something many teachers skirt around to avoid concepts and the whole “anyone who claims” baggage.

Interestingly, Isha does not speak good Spanish or Portuguese but rather carries an Aussie accent and usually has a translator. She is largely unknown in her native Australia but was invited to speak in Uruguay for 2 weeks and stayed for a decade. She is very personable and open, sharing her own journey through awakening and the benefits of the Isha System. Showing the depth of her clarity, she refers to a first awakening then a later United Consciousness. (not all teachers see the later stage) From questions, she spoke of a number of her teachers and students who have awoken and she obviously knew of what she spoke.

The Isha system I’ve mentioned prior has 7 components, one of which is the key 4 Facets. She only briefly reviewed the system but instead recommended the book as there was not time for a full review. The system is very heart centric, using a simple technique to step past conditioning and enliven love consciousness. As I have mentioned in other posts, clearing, gratitude, and allowing are key aspects of the awakening process and not necessarily something meditation alone will cover where we are holding some habits of mind and emotion. As well, the heart is a key aspect of most peoples journey into Unity.

This simple system Masaru Emoto describes as “vibrat[ing] on an enlightened level of being” and is very much needed in our culture. A tool to step out of our dramas and traumas without going through them. Of doing the work in a gentle but direct way. Isha has been teaching the system to high-security prisoners, refugees, soldiers, low-income communities, addicts, and more.

Learning from a book is of course not ideal, but is quite reasonable compared to a trip to South America or their coming center on the coast of Mexico. And they do offer support via phone or Internet. She took quite a few wide-ranging questions and I think the only one who was unsatisfied was a woman who wanted her to go over the entire system. I’m 1/3 of the way into the book and it’s an easy read yet full of profound insight. Nothing in it has struck me as a ‘bit off’, unlike some authors.

I can see why she is so popular in South America and hope that her experience here will draw her back. I’d love to hear much more and she certainly showed the energy for it. She mentioned meeting with Eckhart Tolle after the talk, so I’m sure he’ll support that idea. 😉

In the meantime, there are YouTube videos and her DVD’s.

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  1. Davidya

    You’re welcome, Patricia. Hope I contributed something to the post. Saw your comment over on Takuin.

    The book is easy reading but potent and speaks directly to what you were talking about.

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